January 22, 2022 5:08 pm

Garzón’s recess



We do not do justice to poor Alberto Garzón, who is an innocuous minister, and puts the amenity of a half-wrong kid in a job, politics, where there are plenty of bullies from the trapala and clowns of the cliché. We owe him entertainment, and not so much thrashing that he has been falling for, because Spanish meat seems to him of poor quality, and he has said so. He has not said exactly that, but since he is timid in expression, we immediately apply the synthesis to him, and we get an almost tropical controversy for the lusts of the social gatherings.

With four wrongly counted words, Garzón endures as the protagonist for a week, and that is a gift, and a merit, and even an apotheosis, because it equals Djokovic in minutes, even,

in the lineup of the newscast. Others talk a lot, but they can’t fix a cover for you. So Garzón is a worthy guy, because he competes and has repercussions, but we persist in spoiling his speech, which, strictly speaking, does not usually go anywhere. The penultimate, also a butchery area, a few months ago, the boss, Pedro Sánchez, replied before Garzón finished his critical reflection: “Wherever a steak is to the point that everything is removed.”

Sánchez placed an emergency steak between him and poor Garzón, and another topic. Garzón spends the shyness of the boys who are not going to pay the slightest attention, but shyness tends to make a mess, and talks like this in short, and then the headline immediately shakes him, from the right, from the left, even, and the shaking reaches the Ministry, which almost lives on these useless joys. It stirred up the debate on sexism in toys at one point, but boys or girls know very well when they want a Nancy, or a truck. That campaign was ruined for Garzón by the innocence of thinking about Reyes’ shopping eve, where we are some childhood errands.

What happens with Garzón is the same, that he is a young man in conditions, that is, a boy in progress, that is, an almost pubescent who releases a short phrase and the fat mess. It may not last, but it is better not to lose it. Give recess.

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