January 22, 2022 5:31 pm

A man was arrested for stabbing his ex-partner

A 32-year-old woman was stabbed to death yesterday at the door of his house in the Buenos Aires town of Saint Andrew of Giles for his 41-year-old ex-partner, who was detained after trying to escape, police sources reported.

The femicide was registered yesterday morning on Rawson Street, between 51 and 53 streets, of the aforementioned district, located about 100 kilometers from the City of Buenos Aires, where the victim lived, identified as Cintia Cerrudo. Police sources informed Télam that local police station personnel were alerted by neighbors, who warned in calls to 911 that a man was attacking a woman.

Arriving at the place, the officers confirmed that Cerrudo had died as a result of several stab wounds, while the accused was arrested when he tried to run away.

According to the sources, the investigators determined that there was no restriction of approach and began yesterday the interviews with witnesses who may have seen the murder and relatives of the victim to establish the relationship he had with the murderer.

In addition, Scientific Police personnel carried out the corresponding expert opinions at the crime scene.

The incident is investigated by personnel from the San Andrés de Giles Fiscal Assistantship and the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4 of the Mercedes Judicial Department, which ordered that an autopsy be carried out in the next few hours.

“He did not think about the children they had in common; Today we all cry to you my love. My heart hurts, I cannot believe that there are such murderous types, give her perpetual, she did not deserve this, such a good worker and that today she closed her eyes because of this evil born, “published a relative of the victim on Facebook.


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