January 18, 2022 9:47 pm

What are the keys to reducing power outages, according to a former energy minister

The demonstration on Avenida General Paz on Monday revealed the exhaustion of many people at the lack of responses to the repeated, and lasting, power outages in different areas of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area. In the midst of the controversy, and with the intention of the Government not to update the rates at the rate of inflation, different voices arise that question the official policy.

The one who spoke in this regard was the former Minister of Energy, Javier Iguacel. The benchmark of Cambiemos emphasized the distribution of electrical energy. In statements to LN+The oil engineer, who is also a petroleum engineer, said that it is in this component that the Government should look at it and invest.

The price of changing cables and transformers, so that people do not run out of electricity, has a very low impact on the rate today. That is what should be corrected”, Considered Iguacel.

The former head of the Energy area explained that the rates are made up of three components, generation, transportation and distribution, item in which, he pointed out, the difference is notorious within the country. “There are provinces where [ese concepto] it is worth four or five times what it is worth in Greater Buenos Aires or in the city. That is unsustainable”, He reflected.

Iguacel served as Minister of Energy of Cambiemos between June and September 2018. Then, he continued as Secretary of the Government of Energy, within the framework of a cabinet restructuring that he had faced then Mauricio Macri. Since 2019 he has served as mayor of the Buenos Aires municipality of Capitán Sarmiento, a position to which he arrived from Juntos por el Cambio.

Javier Iguacel criticized the energy policy of the Frente de Todos.LN + video capture

For Iguacel, there is a fourth component which are taxes, an issue in which the role of the Government is key. In addition, it claimed, as part of its management, the reduction of the cost of generation from a gas market tender. “Half of the electrical energy is generated with gas in Argentina,” he remarked. He noted that the cost went from $ 6 at this point to $ 3.50.

In addition, he recorded that he had gotten off 33 average annual power outage hours to 10 average outage hours in 2019, in all the service that exists in the city and Greater Buenos Aires.

However, Iguacel gave his opinion on the dollarization present in energy. “The problem is not the cost, but the meager salaries. It is the macroeconomic problem that we have ”, he analyzed.

According to him, it is necessary to debate in depth what model of energy development the country should face. The former minister noted that a lot was invested in the area during the 90s until 2003.

Nestor Kirchner started with ‘energy populism’ and eliminated the possibility of investment. It took almost ten years to notice the consequences. From then on, we entered a crisis of power outages and the need to import, “he said.

Iguacel argued that it takes a decade to get “the system up and running.” He accused the Government of Front of All to deal with the logic of “Total that the future pays” by freezing rates. “It took two years to see the consequences of that neglect of not investing“, he claimed.


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