January 21, 2022 5:04 pm

We discover one of the protagonists of ‘Physics or chemistry in Only Fans



Adrian Rodriguez known for starring in one of the most successful series for teenage audiences, ‘Physics or Chemistry’, and others like ‘Los Serrano’ have decided to turn their professional career 180 degrees so that its economy does not decline in these difficult times for him. What nobody expected is that the actor opted for open an account on an adult content platform such as Only Fans, through which some images have been leaked hers of the hottest.

And it is that Catalan has been faced with the need to look for alternatives since, on the one hand, his acting career is looking resentful and he does not find offers despite his appearance in the reunion of ‘Physics or chemistry’.

And this is just a hint of what it shows – Lagencia-Crush

Neither has his career on television worked very well, where he has participated in several reality, one of them leaving you with numerous debts because it was Adrian who wanted to leave the show. We talk about your participation in ‘Survivors’ 2018 and the decision to leave that hurt him on all levels, financial, professional and emotional. This is how his girlfriend promotes the actor’s account.

Now, with the entry of the year 2022 and away from the media spotlight, Adrian has decided to try Only Fans. Decision that could have been influenced by his girlfriend, known as Susy G, as she is a model and influence, and also has its own account on said platform where now they both share most intimate content. And although all this is confidential with his subscribers, it has taken little time to filter images of the actor.

And so, Adrian Rodriguez joins the long list of celebrities who have also opened Only Fans, as Bella Thorne. But hold on because there is another actor from the series ‘Physics or chemistry’ who has an account in Only Fans, and he is none other than Yoli’s evangelist boyfriend in the series, Óscar Sinela.

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