January 25, 2022 6:09 pm

Vaccine against Covid: a mother kidnapped her children so that they would not apply the drug to them, but finally handed them over to Justice in Spain

Cristina Mariscal, a mother Spanish inhabitant of Seville, It had been two months since he had prevented the father of his children from seeing the minors. The reason? Her was intended to prevent the man from taking the boys aged 12 and 14 to have the Covid vaccine. But finally, and after a judicial decision that was granted to the father, the woman had to hand over the children to a court.

According to the local newspaper ABC of SevilleIt all started when Mariscal stopped taking minors to school on November 4. Since then, he has not allowed the father to see the tweens or take them under the joint custody scheme to avoid being vaccinated against Covid.

It was then that the father of the minors, through your lawyer, initiated a legal action for the abduction of the minors and he was extraordinarily granted custody of the children. On December 16, Mariscal received notification of the complaint against him and the woman decided to disappear with her children.

Today, the lawyer for the father of the minors indicated that the Civil Guard informed them that the woman was going at this time to the Seville Guard Court to, finally, hand over the children.

It was not the first time that the mother and father had discrepancies about the vaccination of their children, both for the Covid and for other diseases, according to the complaint of the father of the minors. The man’s lawyer, Javier Touceda, said that Mariscal “is an anti-vaccine woman” and that he does not even want to apply sunscreen to the boys in summer “because it is carcinogenic.”


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