January 21, 2022 5:33 pm

Úrsula Vargues criticized Juan Domingo Perón and called for a “renewal” of the town

The tv presenter Ursula Vargues, the center of several controversies for his fervent adherence to the Kirchnerist model, criticized the late former president Juan Domingo Peron from your Twitter account. “Perón was too small “, public.

In a series of tweets, the former model explained why she believes that Peronism is old: “Perón was too small. Respectfully. The town needs to be renewed. And being a better country depends on the people ”.

Úrsula Vargues tweeted that “the town needs to renew itself”

In addition, Vargues warned them that she does not feel like a follower of the main historical reference of the national government. “I am not a Peronist”he confessed. “I am the beardless that Perón … I am national and popular”He tweeted, referring to that May 1, 1974, when the former president threw the Montoneros out of the Plaza de Mayo.

“I am the beardless that Perón insulted”, the driver insisted. “I am popular and national. The modern reading of a Perón who did not know how to understand or could not do it “Vargues said.

Úrsula Vargues explained why she believes that Peronism is old
Úrsula Vargues explained why she believes that Peronism is old

Singing to Perón is slow. Perón died ”, She continued, from her Twitter account and to the surprise of her followers who tried to debate with her about the doctrine. Some even insulted her for showing herself against one of the idols of Kirchnerism.

However, she chose not to answer them individually. He simply clarified that there was no ideologue behind his messages. “I am a little person who thinks alone”, he warned.


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