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Two brothers design houses in which they want people to feel “on vacation” and ask them to write a letter

It all starts on paper: a mental image, some lines, a sketch. The drawing evolves, takes shape, receives approvals and undergoes changes. Some time later, what began as an idea materializes: first it becomes a house and then a home. In this simplified process, which can be explained in a few lines, the brothers Ezequiel and Félix Gil, at the head of the Pacifica architecture studio, found their vocation. Inspired by nature, art and lifestyle, came together to design properties where people feel like they are living on vacation.

“We work on residential projects and we want them to be updated to the nature”, account to THE NATION Ezequiel, who is the architect of the projects. Felix, his brother, is an engineer. The team is completed with 45 people. In Argentina, they have three legs: architecture, interior design and construction. “Each house is the setting where the movie of the family that lives there will take place,” says the entrepreneur.

Therefore, the process always begins with a letter written by the clients, where they express their wishes and intentions in relation to the future property. “You cannot work without first knowing them. So I take the time to find out who they are. I ask you to tell me in writing. When I have to design a house with a large surface area, I understand that I will be related to them for many years and that it is important to know what they want before starting to draw ”, explains Ezequiel. For him, the premise is to understand that the property will not be for those who design it, but for those who inhabit it.. Therefore, its objective is to remain flexible in terms of architectural styles and the aesthetics of the spaces.

Understanding the owners’ “dream house” is key before starting to draw, say the entrepreneurs

The name of the studio anticipates the line it seeks to follow: Pacifica wants to be synonymous with tranquility, comfort and harmony. All that, in addition, the creators want to link it with luxury. “I was finding the way in the search to think about architecture from the real experiences of the people who hire us. We do not have a defined style and all the houses we make are different, because we seek to absorb the different architectural cultures that surround us. We are inspired by what is related to the sea, water, nature, Southeast Asia, but we always adapt ”, they affirm.

Design is key when designing a house that connects with nature, they say
Design is key when designing a house that connects with nature, they say

What is a house to live as if you were on vacation? “The unit has to be in tune with nature and combine the comfort with the gourmet and “a feeling of refuge”. “Both the one who gets up early to leave, the one who does home office and those who do not work will feel that the house was designed for them. What we are looking for is that the client feels that he can relax and live comfortably in everyday life ”, Ezequiel responds.

In more than a decade of work, there are many cases that explain the premise of the study that I work for clients ranging from famous even soccer players, tennis players, actors and film producers, whose names are kept anonymous to preserve their privacy. “There are clients who feel identified with a sport, or perhaps a place like the mountains or the sea. If the house is far from that, the idea is to bring them to them, because they associate it with their moments of hobbie or tranquility ”, they indicate. For example, there are houses that have underground cellars, ideal for wine lovers; micro cinemas for moviegoers; music rooms; art Galeries; electronically equipped golf cage with robotic system; motorcycle workshop; covered pools and much more. “The more the client gets into the process, the more valuable their home resolution is going to be. We even interview the children of the families, to see what type of architecture they like and that is how fun things turn out, ”they add.

The connection of the houses with nature is one of the premises of the study
The connection of the houses with nature is one of the premises of the study

A native of Necochea, Ezequiel assures that he always felt a connection with drawing and with the sea, which is why today water is always present in the houses he designs. “Since I was a kid I think residential architecture is the most complex of all because when you are going to build a house you touch the fibers of people who don’t know where they can shoot ”, resume.

The study continues to expand and currently It has a presence in Spain, Uruguay, Paraguay, Central America and the United States. ”We have clients with whom we do not speak the same language and we communicate through graphics or drawings. It is something that transcends borders, ”says Ezequiel. Now you have a new challenge: a signature hired Pacifica to participate in the creation of the first biomimetic house in Argentina. It is a science that studies natural models to imitate them and uses their designs and processes to solve human problems. “It is understanding nature and applying it to live. We are just starting, but it will be a shelter in the shape of a snail that is beneficial for the environment ”, he concludes.


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