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Today’s latest sports news Wednesday, January 5



Be informed about the news of today it is essential to know the world around us. But, if you don’t have too much time, ABC makes available to all readers who want it, the best summary of the wednesday, 5, january right here:

Investigate a possible terrorist attack on the Dakar

The French National Antiterrorist Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) opened an investigation today to clarify whether the explosion suffered by a Sodicars team assistance vehicle on the Dakar could be due to a premeditated terrorist attack.

Bordalás attacks Barcelona hard

José Bordalás, who usually says things as he thinks them, has exploded this afternoon when they have asked him about the options he had Valencia to be strengthened during this winter market. The funny thing is that the coach, instead of complaining about the configuration of his squad or the problems he is having in order for his president to attend to his requests, has charged hard against Barcelona, ​​which despite his debt and his zero salary margin has signed Dani Alves and Ferran Torres.

In fact, the forward cannot be registered yet until the Catalan club lightens its salary mass and releases financial fair play. «Barcelona has a debt of 300 million and has signed Ferran Torres. I have read that for 55 million. And it’s going to sign Morata. And the president announces more signings, including Haaland. How is it possible? Where is the fair play? So if we want to be a big club we also have to sign, obviously, “said the Alicante.

Footballers who are above health protocols

Go ahead a truism that hardly needs to be remembered, we live immersed in the massive contagion of the Omicron variant of a pandemic that has infected Christmas. And starting from the basis that no one is immune to the positive, more than one La Liga footballer has been observed in this holiday cycle on social networks to be above the health protocols. The recommendations of the clubs, the guidelines set by the medical services and the elementary advice of common sense have been blown up in many cases. The load of a hundred positives appeared on the last day, in which the coaches (Xavi or Lopetegui, in the first person) demanded that the League suspend the games due to lack of troops, but none affected the behavior of their players or questioned their responsibility to comply with public health regulations.

Espanyol reaches the second round after eliminating Ponferradina on penalties

Real Madrid sweat the victory in Manresa to consolidate its leadership

Real Madrid: Marcelo, exemplary captain, residual footballer

Tonight the Three Wise Men come and there is always a place for an unexpected gift. What do they say to the fans of CD Alcoyano, who twelve months ago knocked down Real Madrid in the round of 32 of the Cup and tonight they dream of repeating the feat at El Collao. Last year they had to watch it on television, due to the ban on the public in the stands due to the pandemic, but fate has taken their side and rewarded them with what they ‘took’ last season. Paper sold in full. 4,700 souls in The Collao eager to live in situ a Twelfth Night in which Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar make them turn their dreams into reality once again.

Jon Rahm raises the curtain on his biggest year

The adage says that the important thing is not to reach the top, but to stay. Therefore, once Jon Rahm When he was able to savor the honeys of success (like the ones that allowed him to reach number one in the world in the summer of 2020), he realized that that feeling was worth perpetuating.

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