January 20, 2022 5:02 pm

Toast of optimism

When we tear off the last page of the expired almanac we wanted to make a toast of optimism. But contrary to the festive dates, the breath that came from the bowels of power told us that it was not possible. They keep cooking hoaxes and fooling us with colored mirrors.

The intertwined hands of “government officials” and “opponents” sang their Christmas carol of peace and love.. It was only necessary to distribute crumbs of power to suture the rift. When it comes to defending the privileges of those who govern – regardless of the political sign – it is easy to agree. The ideology disappears before the light that dazzles illuminating the armchair that allows them to perpetuate themselves in power. The speeches only differ in the forms, but those that put the hope of change in crisis hurt us more.

The country is no longer on the edge of the abyss, it is falling down the slope and it is doing it with impetus. The broken bones of the republic are not given a healing splint, but excuses for someone else to pay the blame for the fall. It does not matter if the increase or the creation of new taxes steps on production and suffocates the producers. If bans, traps, cancellation and regulations only anticipate that the bad news will follow. Silly anomie is the only rule that is respected. The increase in bureaucracy and state expenditures allows friends to be beaten and they are political sins that are not reprimanded by a people burdened by so much folly.

What’s more, How can we ask for scruples if they are fighting for liberation of humanity? Laws, property, freedom are interpreted through the lens of political correctness. We will be able to differentiate some singular names but it is impossible to do so in relation to a party label. The Frente de Todos will have lost the elections, but not its ambitions. They disguise their own corruption by pointing out the corruption of their adversaries. They differ from the rest of the politicians because they “work” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to dismember Republican values. Neither holidays, vacations, nor children’s marriages prevent them from complying with the plan that was drawn up: we must all depend on the State, to be able to manipulate our freedom, and impunity for the crimes committed must be complemented by a receptive Justice to ensure impunity for the crimes to commit. They lost the elections but they win the battle by colonizing the control bodies, fraying institutions, emptying ethics of meaning.

In the last debates, the snake’s egg was left on the table: the Council of the Magistracy. A body that must select or remove judges from their positions. Politics cooperated by generating a jury that rewards obedience to the Executive’s orders and extends its threatening sword over the heads of those magistrates who seek to preserve their independence. The important thing is no longer to assess the accumulated evidence to pass a sentence but to correctly decipher what those who exercise power expect of them. Words lose content and no longer mean what they express. We try, to have signs of interchange, ascribe meaning to the images. But they also go for them. The bags full of dollars thrown by a public official inside a convent, or those that were found piled up in the safe of a young woman who never worked, or the millions that the sons of power counted between jokes and whiskey are not proof of the corruption, although its origin cannot be justified. These images are invasions of the privacy of the authors of the lawfare. They even rob us of symbolic language.

On three occasions and for different crimes that only have the name of the accused in common, the judges who had to carry out the oral trial to assess the evidence gathered in many years of investigation decided to cancel the debate, and, reviewing what was reviewed dozens of times by different judges, prosecutors and chambermaids, ordered the irregular closure of the cases. Those who raised for the umpteenth time the same defenses rejected in other instances – ignoring the procedural preclusion that the jurisprudence has consolidated – were dismissed. They used substantive arguments and in such a way that in each paragraph they demonstrate the need for debate. Two votes tried to consecrate the impunity that the powerful defendants demanded with shouts and insults. They did not try to hide their haste, the second vote that made up the questioned majority depended on a subrogation that expired putting in crisis the libertarian air they wanted to impose.

The debate allows you to see the tests, assess their forcefulness and decide if they are enough to build the grade of certainty that requires a conviction. Accusation and defense confront their reasons and citizens can find out if there is justification for moving more than 500km daily to sleep in the hotel of the head of the Executive, the workers of the work that she granted. Are they “returns” to political benefactors or will they have some reason that justifies these displacements and that can be explained if the hearings are not canceled? They tell us that there was no “car wash” because when it began to be carried out this was not a crime. The coincidence between those who carried out the acts of corruption and those who laundered the money neutralized the penalty in 2008. The crimes perpetrated between 2011 – the year in which this task became a crime – and 2015 – the year in which they lost the elections – put them under the umbrella of impunity of the previous law. But that nonsense did not reach them, but they also excused Cristina’s children, who did not intervene in the preceding crimes because they were not public officials. They tried to avoid the debate with statements that prove that what was done was not only immoral, but that it was a crime.

They ignore the regulations of the Senate and the laws that limit their powers. They speak of justice looking at how much the cap that drowns the hen that hatched the egg they snatched collects. Elections depend on mathematics, not ethics, and, as Nestor said, doing politics requires money. Public and private money is fungible. They use whatever is necessary. The cohesion of the troops of own and others is achieved with the same hook: extra coins and homeopathic doses of power. Some stole vaccines, made decisions that seem negotiated and not a health plan, sold fear to disable our resistance, added inexperience, ideology and caprice to put together a combo that added deaths and founded companies. Others silenced, accompanied and gave in for a piece of bread.

The imbalances increase, the pseudomapuches try to prove their origins with violence, the authorities fix them and do not defend neither public nor private lands. The arson attacks are multiplying, the beating of the inhabitants and the endless roadblocks put even the sovereignty of some regions in crisis. The horsemen run over those who block their path. Citizens shoot at those who attack them. Incendiary bombs are thrown at Clarín. The money generated by the drug business is accumulated with that of gambling and other illicit activities to finance politics. Violence is accepted as a form of dialogue and extortion legitimizes negotiation. The present State defends the boxes of politics and ignores the inhabitants pretending to protect them.

The prisons were turned into centers of operations for the mafia and in a parlor from which orders are given to the hitmen who kill and sow terror, beyond the territories where drugs are traded. Going to dinner with the family may mean putting them in the line of fire of the murderers. We feel the noise of the air leaking from the life preserver we are holding on to and now we are afraid. Economic stocks, stocks of memory and film archives that contain totally contradictory statements from those who govern us. The words prohibit, regulate, limit, lawfare, and anyone but me is to blame, are the only ones that remain unchanged.

So that the action does not die, they place scruples in an induced coma and how ignorance is daring, they load the ink of the powerful pens so that he can sign laws that condemn the republic to death. It is no longer true that we are made of words as Octavio Paz affirmed, because words lack content. Defeat is victory. Leadership is perversion. Victims are victimizers. I am not only concerned with what happens to those who govern us, I am desperate for those who cheer them chewing poverty and growing humiliation while giving up their freedom of thought.

We voted decisively to those who confessed that hugging a safe caused them ecstasy. We are not concerned about being governed by those who did not finish their secondary education. We accept that schools are closed or that our children are indoctrinated in them, that a judicial amnesty is attempted without the pornographic scenes of corruption being explained to us, that our legislators use parliamentary immunity as a mechanism of impunity and not as a constitutional guarantee of democracy. We know it, we remember it and we toast, with distant optimism, for 2022.

A lawyer. This text was published in Sudamericahoy.com


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