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Tití Fernández’s painful post dedicated to his daughter: “From somewhere you are taking care of us”

During the 2014 World Cup, María Soledad Fernández traveled to Brazil to surprise her father, Miguel Ángel «Tití» Fernández, who was covering the important sporting event. The 26-year-old girl arrived just to celebrate the journalist’s birthday and spend a few days with him. But the beautiful meeting ended in tragedy. On July 2 of that year, while on her way back, the young woman died in a car accident. In memory of the painful event, the former participant of MasterChef Celebrity He shared a sweet writing on his social networks.

Tití Fernández, recalled his daughter Soledad with a postcard and deep reflection

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially when it comes to a parent who must say goodbye to their child. And no matter how many years pass, the pain of loss always remains latent in the heart of those who are left behind. Titi is not ashamed of those emotions and does not try to hide her bitter sadness. On the contrary, whenever he can, he talks about how much he loves and misses Soledad.

Even during its passage through MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe), dedicated one of his preparations to him. After presenting the judges with a plate of Milanese with French fries, the contestant explained that every time his wife prepared that dish, Soledad would go home and take some for hers. “He had become independent, but he left us nothing,” he recalled between laughter and nostalgia.

Tití Fernández, shocked remembering his daughter
Tití Fernández, shocked remembering his daughter

On the second day of each month, Fernández publishes a photo of his daughter along with a letter on his Twitter account. His goal is, not only to remember it, but not to let the rest of the people forget it. This was explained during an interview in The Mammons (America) in 2021. “That day the world ended for me. It was a real sh … Every two of each month, I put a post on Twitter with the hashtag #TeAmamosNuncaTeVamosAOlvidar. We want people to remember that it existed, because it was an extraordinary idiot “, he explained to Jey Mammon during the report.

In accordance with that tradition, on January 2 a postcard was uploaded where you can see a Soledad dancing, carefree and happy, in the middle of a party. “Hi Sole, another f *** ing day that makes us sad. Today you have not been with us for 7 and a half years ”, he typed, loaded with anger caused by having been forced to say goodbye to his daughter before his time. To end the sweet but painful message, he wrote: “When we raised our glasses on the 31st, we toasted with you and for you, we know that from somewhere you are taking care of us “. Finally, he added, as always, the hashtags “We will never forget you” and “We love you.”

The tweet that Tití Fernández dedicated to his daughter
The tweet that Tití Fernández dedicated to his daughtertwitter

The tweet exceeded 4,000 likes and Tití’s followers did not miss an opportunity to send him strength and good wishes. Among the ten responses that the publication received, many messages were from parents who also lost their children and chose that place to share their experience.


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