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They deny that Betty White’s cause of death has to do with the Covid vaccine

Betty White was days away from turning a century old when, hours before welcoming 2022, the historic actress, comedian and producer died. In the middle of a sad day, her friends and family fired her. Since the event occurred, they began to grow various rumors and speculation surrounding his passing and, in parallel, his relatives were silent.

The news of the death of the ‘golden comedian’ was announced by Jeff Witjas, the artist’s agent, in dialogue with the magazine People. “Even though I was about to turn 100, I thought I would live forever. I don’t think Betty ever feared dying because she always wanted to be with her husband. She believed that she would be with him again ”, he commented. The aforementioned medium organized a coverage for its 100 years that was going to turn on January 17, and had already launched a cover note with the word of the actress herself, so they had the scoop on what happened.

Betty White was 99 years oldInstagram @bettymwhite

There was talk of various causes of death, a Covid picture and even that his death had been a secondary effect of the reinforcement of the vaccine against. However, all these rumors took hold of the international networks and media until People decided to share the full message Witjas had sent them.

“Betty died peacefully in her sleep at home. People say his death was related to the booster shot three days earlier but it is not true. He died of natural causes. His death should not be politicized, that is not the life he lived, ”said his agent.

Betty White in 2010 was part of the program "Hot in Cleveland"
Betty White in 2010 was part of the program “Hot in Cleveland”

Betty was born on January 17, 1922 in Illinois, United States and moved to Los Angeles during the Great Depression. Living with the Beverly Hills celebrity made her convince herself that her future lay in acting and that was how, by the end of 1930, I was already doing radio entertainment.

She made her television debut in 1949 as an actress in a role that didn’t even have a name in the script. Did it for Hollywood on Television and his performance captivated producers and directors. By 1952 he already had his first leading role in fiction Life with Elizabeth, series that earned him an award Emmy.

Betty White always had a fanaticism for animals
Betty White always had a fanaticism for animalsInstagram @bettymwhite

From there, it only reaped successes. El show de Mary Tyler Moore, which earned him two more Emmys in 1975 and 1976, and his acclaimed The Golden Girls in 1985 are his most outstanding performances although never, not even in his last days, stopped working on the small screen.

In her later years, she was at the forefront of advocating for environmental wellness, organizing charity drives and fundraisers for the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Morris Animal Foundation, and even the Los Angeles Zoo. In turn, he wrote, hosted and produced the show The Pet Set besides writing the book Betty White: How Pets Take Care of Us Y Betty & Friends: My Life at the Zoo.


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