January 24, 2022 2:30 pm

The World Health Organization insists that the isolation for Covid-19 must be 14 days

While in the World Health Organization (WHO) they maintain their idea that at least 70% of the vaccinated population worldwide Rather than applying the booster doses, the doctor at the staff of the organism Abdi Mahamud warned about isolation times and, in this regard, upheld the recommendation that quarantines are for 14 days.

Although the doctor explained that in most people the Covid-19 disappears between five and seven days after the first symptoms, He insisted on the two weeks of confinement to avoid spreading the disease.

This goes against what was decided in Argentina last week, given the rebound in coronavirus cases in December that marked the beginning of the third wave in the country. The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, was the one that transmitted that the Federal Health Council (Cofesa) -with representatives of all the provinces- had decided to narrow the isolation periods to five days for close contacts vaccinated with complete scheme already seven for infected that are with the primary inoculation ready.

However, Mahamud’s advice was not blunt, as he noted that the governments of each country must decide based on the advance of the pandemic in their territories. “States have to make decisions about the duration of the quarantine depending on your individual situation. It is logical to keep the number of cases as low as possible in places where these are already scarce, but in places where many are registered there are conflicting interests, such as keeping the countries functioning, which could justify shorter quarantines ”, slipped.

Among the nations that cut isolation periods, there is also U.S, which he did to speed people’s return to work or school.

On what Mahamud was emphatic is the need to universalize access to doses against Covid-19. “The challenge has not been the vaccine itself, but the vaccination of the most vulnerable populations,” remarked the doctor, who warned of the multiplication of the virus “In crowded, non-ventilated and unvaccinated environments” and who described these places as “Ideal” to promote mutations. “We already saw it with beta, we saw it with delta and we observed it with omicron,” he said.

In this sense, he indicated that the best way to reduce the impact of this last variant detected, and identified for the first time in South Africa, is that all countries vaccinate 70% of the population by July, before offering third and fourth doses in the others.

He also specified that before the Christmas holidays some 128 countries had already reported cases of omicron. “What we are seeing now is the dthat coupling between cases and deaths “, he said, about the positive effect of the doses against Covid-19.

On the other hand, the epidemiologist pointed out that more and more studies show that this variation would affect the upper respiratory tract, with milder symptoms than others, they entered the lungs and could cause severe pneumonia. However, he clarified that it is necessary to continue research to effectively demonstrate that omicron disease is less aggressive.

So the main message is: If you get vaccinated, you are protected. But if you are a person in a vulnerable situation or you did not get vaccinated, omicron, no matter how mild it may be for others, it could seriously affect you “, said the WHO representative, who concluded:” Vaccination is essential. “


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