January 18, 2022 9:46 pm

The ranchers explode against Garzón for his campaign against the macro-farms: “Rectification or resignation”



The ranchers have again exploded against the Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, for his campaign against meat produced in Spain. The agrarian organization UPA has demanded that Garzón “rectify or resign after a new attack on livestock” for his statements in an interview in the British newspaper “The Guardian”. For its part, the Agrarian Association of Young Farmers (Asaja) has also requested the resignation of the Minister of Consumption for being “continuously attacking” the Spanish countryside.

Specifically, the minister’s statements focus on criticizing the macro-farms and the meat produced there, of “worse quality.” «They find a town in emptied Spain and they install 4,000, 5,000 or 10,000 head of cattle.

They pollute the soil, the water, and export that meat from abused animals, ”Garzón points out in the interview. From UPA they describe these words “irresponsible and directly false”. “In Spain there are no mistreated animals, Mr. Minister,” the UPA farmers say in the statement sent to the media.

In the opinion of UPA, the minister’s words are “clumsy, shortsighted and can have dire effects on Spanish exports of meat products.” The ranchers invited the minister “to visit different types of farms to see how Spanish ranchers work.” They also recalled that the head of Consumption should have much more urgent and important tasks such as “misguided inflation, imbalances in the agri-food chain and the need for transparent labeling that recognizes the origin of food, to name just three.”

In addition, Asaja considered Garzón’s assertions “inadmissible” and considered it “another chapter in the minister’s sectarian attitude”. The association also regretted that a ministry is maintained “that is continually attacking an important sector such as agriculture and livestock and, therefore, the interests of Spain.”

For its part, the employer Anafric, a business association of the meat industry, warned by taking legal action if Garzón does not rectify his statements. “We are going to reserve the right to take legal action if there is no rectification. Enough of bearing insults from this man, “said the president of Anafric, José Friguls, in a note.

According to the meat manufacturers, “they are serious and totally false manifestations,” so they are going to ask the IU leader in writing for a public rectification. “He cannot act in this way, representing the Government of Spain.”

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