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The parade returns to Madrid after two years: «The beautiful things in life cannot be lost»



Magic and illusion have come to the city of Madrid with the most anticipated day, for two years, for the little ones in the house. Finally They have been reunited with Their Majesties from the East. Colorful floats are placed orderly up to the Joaquín Costa bridge. The cartoons of some of them, with the favorite movie characters of the minors, greet those who wait for them on the other side of the fence and dance to the sound of the Christmas carols projected by a large loudspeaker. There are balloons cheering the enclave, jumps of joy and some candies that volunteers distribute because this year, before the advance of Ómicron, the Kings will not launch them, but there are traditions that cannot be lost due to a pandemic, even if they adapt.

A volunteer hands out candy
A volunteer hands out candy – Isabel Permuy

Alessio and Pablo have waited two years to see Melchior Caspar and Balthazar. The one with the white beard is the favorite of the eldest of the brothers. “I like them all,” says the little boy. Cristina, her mother, tried to get one of the 7,000 tickets that the Madrid City Council made available to the public to avoid crowds, but it was an impossible mission. Despite the bad weather they have decided to go to the Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz, where from 5:00 p.m. people have begun to gather behind the fences, forming some agglomerations. The umbrellas they have invaded the main artery of Madrid. «The beautiful things in life cannot be lost, especially after the two years of pandemic that we have experienced. The cavalcade is one of them “, affirms the parent bluntly, who speaks of the emotion of her children:” That’s why it’s worth it. “

Natalie and Alicia are also waiting on one of the islets on the Paseo del Castellana. Their children carry umbrellas and blankets, and play as Their Majesties make the star appearance. «Last year they didn’t see them anymore, what a shame if we didn’t come today either»says the first, who also did not get seats in the stands. “We entered the web at 11:02 am and there was a queue of 15,000 people. It was impossible. But at least here they can see them and without risk, because there are not many people around at the moment, “he says while repositioning his gloves to protect himself from the cold.

Some Madrilenians who have run out of tickets await the arrival of the Royal entourage
Some Madrilenians who have run out of tickets await the arrival of the Royal entourage – Isabel Permuy

Different luck ran Juan, Alba and their daughters, Valeria and Carolina. They have been waiting since before 10 o’clock on the enabled page. “It was lucky. I didn’t know what time they were available and looked at some breaks from work. I left the web tab open and I got them », says the mother, who says that although the weather is not better, see their daughters happy “compensate for the cold and get soaked”.

Some of the floats include raincoats to cope with heavy rains
Some of the floats include raincoats to cope with heavy rains – Isabel Permuy

The three kilometers of route, from the Plaza de San Juan de la Cruz to the Palacio de Cibeles are the epicenter of the festivities and Christmas, with ten floats and a procession of more than a thousand people. The common thread of this year’s parade is astronomy and with the motto of ‘The universe above our heads’ it pays tribute to knowledge and treats the Magi as wise men. The parade is inspired by the ‘Auto de los Reyes Magos’, the oldest conserved theatrical text in the Spanish language that is deposited in the National Library, which dates back to the 12th century and tells the story of when Their Majesties discovered a new star: «What star is that that shines and until now I have not noticed? Has the creator of all peoples been born sir? ”Asks Gaspar. They are guided to the Bethlehem manger by that glimpsed star, in a story told this Wednesday on the parade by the royal emissary.

The wise Kings of the East

The new thrones form a rolled parchment and papyri that treasure all the discoveries and wonders of the universe. MelchorFrom the blue, he is the wise astrologer who moves the gold; Gasparin red, the alchemist with incense; Baltasar, in green, the botanical with myrrh, which symbolizes God as man and recognizes his mortal character.

His arrival has been announced by a giant of light who has represented all the grandparents, with his love and courage, who has greeted all the people who have gathered in the center of Madrid. At that moment, despite the music, the applause and shouts broke out in the capital. Throughout the tour, the ‘dundo’ has gone to meet his granddaughter Carla, who was waiting for him in Cibeles to teach him the magic of Christmas. Carla, in this symbolism, represents all the little ones in Madrid.

Melchor has been preceded by eight articulated and luminous bears, giant puppets and mosquitoes; Gaspar, for an elephant from Sri Lanja; Baltasar by three dromedaries from Cantabria called Nando, Selva and Naya. Three dancers have marked the beginning carrying spheres of six meters in diameter in the shape of the sun, the moon, the sky and the stars sighted by the big telescope; ten floating planets that have filled the sky with light and color, and 17 stars of more than two meters that represent the moving sky, carried by various artists. Before the three most anticipated people, their pages were showing their knowledge to all the apprentices. Because in addition to magic and tradition, the objective of the parade is to invite the children to look at the sky with as much curiosity as the Kings had in the past.

The magic of the parade has been completed with the great stage of Cibeles whichand from 6:50 p.m. it has hosted the Christmas carols performed by the Madrid Youth Choir to make the wait more enjoyable for all those who longed to see Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar.

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