January 22, 2022 5:46 pm

The overwhelming warning of José María Muscari after testing positive for Covid

After several months of decline and stagnation in Covid cases, the contagion counter rose again by leaps and bounds. However, thanks to the application of vaccines, the numbers of deaths caused by the disease remain low. There are many celebrities who reported through their networks that they tested positive in this new wave and, among them, is Jose Maria Muscari. After confirming that he is isolated, the theater director decided to give an important warning to his followers.

Muscari chose his Twitter account to deliver the news to his more than 500,000 followers. There, three days into 2022, he wrote: “I am Covid positive. Almost no symptoms, slight congestion “. Once the statement has been provided, He decided to end with advice for his fans and a heartfelt message of thanks.

“I am vaccinated with 3 doses of AstraZeneca and not to hesitate to get vaccinated that saves lives, “he typed, in favor of inoculation in the midst of a time when a large group of people ran against the sanitary measure. Then, he specified that he was on the fifth day of isolation and was glad that his three works were still on the billboard. By way of answer, users filled him with messages of encouragement and celebrated that his case was not serious at all.

Also, many applauded him for speaking about the importance of vaccination and wished him a speedy recovery.

José María Muscari announced that he has covid and highlighted the importance of vaccinestwitter

Although on his Twitter he was relaxed and calm, another is the story on his Instagram account. Muscari is very active there, sharing bits of his day-to-day life while promoting his many projects. Now that he is locked up in his house, his presence on the Internet increased considerably and he decided to record every moment of his isolation.

José María Muscari opened a question and answer space on his Instagram account
José María Muscari opened a question and answer space on his Instagram accountinstagram

At first he opened a question section to be able to interact with his followers. He spoke about his works, his private life and there were even those who wanted to know if he was still in contact with his classmates. However, among the videos where he provided the answers, He did not hesitate to let out his most irate side.

The first complaint was against those who sent him messages expressing that they did not know he had Covid. Ironic and sharp, he said “I didn’t know either. I had to swab myself. What do you think I am Tusam? What am I going to see in the future? And if I knew, I say it when I feel like it … How are you going to know that you’re on the other side? “

Immediately afterwards, he pointed his outrage to another topic. The director, who had already clarified that he has all three vaccines, received many questions about how he got the booster dose. Faithful to his artistic personality and with the exaggeration typical of playwrights, he made a strong direct release to the camera.

José María Muscari, furious over messages he received on social networks

In this way, he assured that he simply received a message from the City Government advising him that there was a turn to get vaccinated once more and that he only had to go. Shouting, he finished: “What else do you want me to tell you, mommy? Do you know what is driving me crazy? You. Not the coronavirus. You and your little questions ”.


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