January 24, 2022 2:14 pm

The other effect of the third wave: long lines to get vaccinated in centers of the northern area of ​​Buenos Aires

In several vaccination centers in the north of Greater Buenos Aires, long lines were reported for those who went without a shift, or with an overdue appointment. The wait can last up to four hours, depending on the time of day. The priority is those who attend with a shift and on time.

The causes of The flood of people can respond to a multiplicity of factors, such as the free vaccination of the first and second doses for those over 3 years of age, and the third for adults over 60 and immunosuppressed, or the implementation of the health pass in the province.

Other factors, which admitted THE NATION Some of those who made the lines attribute it to fear caused by the increase in cases, or to the need to inoculate themselves in order to travel abroad. However, from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health They said they have no reports related to waiting hours, but confirmed that people are getting vaccinated a lot. “We are having days of very high vaccination,” they reported.

In the Buenos Aires province, 85% of the population already has at least one dose of the Covid vaccine and 73.8% the complete scheme. Meanwhile, 13.7% have already received an additional or reinforcement.

The line to get vaccinated at the Del Viso Digital PointGerardo Viercovich

Trinidad Tiscornia, 35, went to the vaccination center Punto Digital, in Del Viso, in Pilar’s party, on December 30: “I went to give myself the booster dose at my assigned time. I went on December 30, it took me an hour in total because I had a shift, but there was a two-block queue outside. They said there were few people because it was 38 ° and it was noon, “he said.

The same said Manuela Urbano, who went to receive his third dose on January 4, but gave up because, when passing through the center located at Km 46 of Pilar, “The queue occupied the entire collector and turned around”.

In San fernando long lines were also registered. For example, in the Sports Center N ° 2, located on Route 202 and Pueyrredón, the wait was up to four hours on the morning of January 2. Claudia Casasnovas, 61, lost his turn due to close contact, and appeared the day before yesterday — after completing his isolation — to the Municipal University Center of the same party. In addition, he wanted to do it before his trip to Uruguay: “I had been warned about the long lines, so I went at 7.30; Between all the steps, it will have taken an hour. When I left there was a little more line ”.

Many of the people who come to vaccinations without a shift, or with an expired one, do so in order to meet travel requirements, or to feel safer when traveling. For example, Marina Bruzzese, 29, is going to Europe in a few weeks, so he is planning to go get vaccinated these days.

The lines to get vaccinated at the Sports Center N ° 2, San Fernando
The lines to get vaccinated at the Sports Center N ° 2, San FernandoGerardo Viercovich

Jorge Cremona, 62, went to get immunized the day before yesterday, when she read that there was free vaccination for those over 60. She had been waiting to receive the third dose with great fear due to the increase in cases: “I finished vaccinating in August with the second dose of Sputnik V, so he already wanted to give me the reinforcement. I went to Hipódromo de San Isidro, where I did about two hours in line, plus the time you wait until they let you go ”.

And he added that “there were 20 cubicles, but only four nurses.” The same said Daniel Gil, who decided to advance his shift and report yesterday, when he found out that he could go to get vaccinated without a shift. But nevertheless, seeing the queue of more than two blocks at the vaccination center of Technopolis for those who did not have a turn, he decided to return on his assigned day.

The wait in front of the vaccination center of the Hipódromo de San Isidro
The wait in front of the vaccination center of the Hipódromo de San IsidroGerardo Viercovich

In other areas of the province, such as Mar del PlataThere were also long waiting lines to get vaccinated. On the coast, tourists, nationals and foreigners can also be inoculated. For that, the infrastructure is provided by the province and human resources, the municipality.

If the shift has already been assigned, the person can go to any vaccination center close to their home, without having to wait for a new one. For the first and second doses, vaccination is free throughout the province, so the person can go to any vaccination center, regardless of address. The same happens with the third dose for those over 60 years of age and immunosuppressed.


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