January 24, 2022 2:33 pm

The incredible case of Barnaby Swinburn: he is 12 years old and has a higher IQ than Albert Einstein

To their 12-year-old Barnaby Swinburn, a boy from Bristol, in England, can be proud to have statistically outperformed the father of the Theory of Relativity and one of the most brilliant minds in history: Albert Einstein.

According to the British press report, the boy achieved a score of 162 on the IQ test of the firm Mensa, an organization that brings together, based on its tests, the people with the highest estimation of general intelligence in the world.

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The news caused a stir in Europe because, at his young age, and taking the expected results of his peers as a point of comparison, Swinburn has already exceeded the maximum coefficient that Einstein would have obtained in his lifetime: 160.

As if that data were not enough, the 162 points what did you get in the Cattell III B test you are certified as one of the people who, according to the indicator, integrates the 1% of the most intelligent population on the planet.

The key, as their parents told the Anglo-Saxon media, it has been only one: “Let it be”.

The eagerness to Barnaby Swinburn For presenting the evidence of the Mensa organization, it was given for only one reason: “Understand yourself better”.

This is how he made it known Ghislaine, his mother, a UK public health service worker, to the local press. “I told his father that two things could happen: that he did not enter Mensa and be disappointed or that he enter and become unbearable for knowing how smart he is”, commented with humor the mother of the minor in the report of the Daily Mail.

The 12-year-old wants to be a programmer.  Photo Twitter @ ConniePaxton5
The 12-year-old wants to be a programmer. Photo Twitter @ ConniePaxton5

Asked about how a 12-year-old boy came to such an intelligence assessment, the woman explained that they have never forced him to do anything, “He makes all his decisions for himself.” “We have never asked him to do his math homework because he really enjoys doing it,” he explained.

So far, with a couple of high school years to go, Barnaby already has a clear goal: to study programming at the University of Oxford. Towards that goal his mental agility would be focused.

Broadly speaking, the intelligence quotient (IQ) is a general intelligence estimator which is currently based on standardized tests.

According to Mensa, in most exams, score of 100 is the average grade of the age group evaluated.

It was announced that the minor surpassed Einstein.  Photo: Pexels
It was announced that the minor surpassed Einstein. Photo: Pexels

In that sense, easy to identify who is above or below of their peers in this assessment, it is worth remembering, is of mental capacity and not of knowledge.

While this indicator has historically been well accepted, some experts have emphasized the complexity of measuring the agility of people’s brains.

Hence, rather than understanding the IQ as an irrefutable sentence, advise to see it as a good premonition performance of people.


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