January 21, 2022 6:29 pm

The day Lily Collins tried to steal a gift from Lady Di and flipped a phone from Prince Charles

Lily Collins was invited to the program James Corden, The Late Late Show (CBS) this past Tuesday. There, amid the comments about the second season of the Netflix hit, Emily and Paris, the actress recalled two hilarious anecdotes from when I was a child involving the British royal family, more precisely the Princess Diana and to Prince carlos.

Corden showed a photo of Lily when she was little accompanied by her father, Phil, and her mother, Jill Tavelman, in which seems to deliver a bouquet of flowers to Lady Di. When asked by the host if he remembered what was happening when the picture was taken, the Netflix star recalled: “I’m giving Diana flowers, but the second she wanted to take them I tried to take them away”.

When he wanted to snatch a bouquet of flowers from Princess Diana

Lily also revealed how once he flipped a toy to the Prince carlos as a child while talking about her famous father Phil’s bond with the royal family: “They told me that when I was younger, I proceeded to throw a toy phone at her head.”, he counted.

Faced with anecdotes with the royal family, Corden asked if they saw each other often. Lily answered yes, that her father, who is the drummer and singer of the rock band Genesis, had done many things for the Prince’s Foundation and that, furthermore, she grew up in England.

The hilarious anecdote of Lily Collins with the British royal family

During the interview, the actress told the driver that spent New Years in New York with her husband Charlie McDowell, his father Phil and other family members. “We walked the streets of the city and played Trivial Pursuit.” He also related that when they were walking through Manhattan they saw a poster of Emily in Paris that had been “vilely defaced”. It was when Corden showed Lily’s photo in front of the poster where her eyes and nose had been painted red. “They made me a new makeup”The actress joked and added: “Why am I not going to thank you?”

Lily Collins in front of the vandalized cartel of her Netflix series
Lily Collins in front of the vandalized cartel of her Netflix series

Finally, James asked the artist about the filming of Emily In Paris, specifically, regarding the reaction that the Parisians had in front of the program. Lily said that after the first season she heard that the French did not like the series, but that when she started filming the second season she saw that “the reaction could not have been more opposite.”.


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