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The dates of the “supermoons” of the year 2022, when will be the next?

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This year 2022 there will be up to three “supermoons” in spring and summer.

Last year was a great year for astronomy fans. It could be seen from the longest lunar eclipse in a long time to a large number of supermoons. In this 2022 astronomical quotes they will not be left behind. Just gazing at the super moons, We can enjoy 3 nights that will leave us speechless.

Why does the “supermoon” phenomenon occur?

According to NASA, a supermoon occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to Earth and it is also in its full phase. It turns out that this phenomenon is quite subtle, since there is not much difference but for the advanced observer, there is a lot to see and learn.

To clarify, the closest point on the Moon is known as perigee and is usually approximately 363,300 kilometers from Earth. When this phenomenon occurs, our satellite appears brighter than normal and slightly larger. Hence the term “supermoon” is attributed to it.

And all of them with names!

From primitive cultures to the present, we humans have shared an inevitable fascination with our satellite. So much so, that they even depended on it to have a notion of time. Basically, they weren’t recording time like we do now, but rather attributed to each of the full moons a characteristic nickname to keep track of the seasons.

For that reason, During 2022 you will be able to see three supermoons and all of them with their own name: the strawberry will be on June 14, the deer on July 13 and the sturgeon on August 12. Then, no less important, the rest of the 9 moons, and the most curious of all is that they are also named.

Will occur in spring and summer

The first supermoon of the year is the strawberry one. It will be the first of the three that will still take place in spring. Specifically, we will enjoy this event June 14. It is known by that name because it is the time of year when strawberries begin to ripen. In fact, This month marks the start of the harvest season for this summer fruit.

A month later, already in summer, on July 13 will take place the supermoon of the deer. This is so named because farmers discovered that at that time of year the antlers of the male deer are in full growth. The last of the year will be August 12th. It is known as supermoon of the sturgeon for being the best time of year to catch them.


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