January 24, 2022 2:10 pm

The Anmat prohibited the sale of several batches of counterfeit condoms

The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (Anmat) banned different batches of condoms that were falsely sold under the Prime brand. It was then that the same company that manufactures them, Buhl SA, went to the agency to report the discovery of apocryphal products in the market.

Through resolution 9393 of December 28, 2021, Anmat decided to remove the products from circulation “Prime Textured Condoms – Lote – PL 1902M843 – Vto oct/23″, “PRIME Condoms – Lote PL 1906N142 – Vto oct/23″ y “Condoms PRIME Superfino – Lote PL 1907N189 – Vto oct/23″.

In the considerations of the measure, the agency made it clear that the technical director of the firm exhibited, during an inspection, the counterfeit units and the original counter samples in his possession. Hence it emerged that, for example, the manufacturing and expiration dates of the original units did not coincide with those of the apocryphal.

In addition, from the company indicated they were made quality tests to the counterfeit units from which it emerged that in the studded and textured varieties were detected test failures capacity of burst volume”.

It was also revealed that there are “easily identifiable” differences. “The batch printing, manufacturing and expiration in the fake cases had no relief, since it was printed together with the art of cardboard while in the original cases this information is printed with laser technique, which makes a low relief feel to the touch”.

On the other hand, Buhl indicated that in the apocryphal units “Instead of having the legend” vto “printed, the legend” vot “is printed preceding the expiration date ”, and that the counterfeit condom it is darker than the original”.

“As the products in question are counterfeit products, it is not known whether the inputs used for its manufacture are suitable for human use or what their real effects are, it cannot be assured that it is safe or effective, but quite the contrary, since it represents a risk to the health of potential consumers who, ignoring such an extreme, they could use them believing that they are original safe products of the firm BUHL SA ”, stated Anmat in the resolution.

The organization highlighted, in this sense, the importance of the use of certified products. “The natural rubber latex male condom product is a personal protection element that provides a mechanical barrier to prevent unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases for which it has the properties of a product suitable for human use “.


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