January 22, 2022 6:46 pm

Tense crossing in a hospital: “If you are not able to stand 24 hours doing tests, do not come”

A moment of great tension was experienced yesterday in the Tunuyán hospital, in Mendoza, after a doctor implored patients to contemplate the delays due to the high demand for hyssopados and other health issues. “We don’t have time to go to the bathroom ”, confessed the professional.

A heated discussion broke out yesterday between patients and a doctor after a man complained about delays in testing and demanded prompt attention. “My knees hurt, I can’t take it anymore, so don’t complain”, the professional pleaded.

“If you are not able to stand 24 hours doing tests, do not come”, replied one of the patients who was at the scene waiting his turn to be swabbed.

Discussion between patient and testing personnel.

The discussion was captured by some of the people present in the waiting room and quickly the images of the terrible episode went viral on WhatsApp and social networks.

As can be seen in the video broadcast by social networks, at one point during the discussion the doctor explains exhausted to the people present that she did not even have time to go to the bathroom. “I am giving the most that I can, the more I cannot do. I have not stopped attending, it is not that I am to fart ”, explained the woman.

Meanwhile, the Tunuyán mayor explained that the testing centers are collapsed. “The hospital has six boxes but it has lacked human resources and organization to attend to. The contagion has been strong and it has overflowed ”, said the communal chief, Martín Aveiro.

And in this regard, he concluded: “Vaccination is fine because it is territorially distributed and people have it very close at hand. There was a lack of planning to face what was to come, but it will be normalized ”.


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