January 24, 2022 1:47 pm

Snow could appear in some cavalcades of the Magi

Jose Miguel Viñas 2 min

The rapid passage of a small squall diagonally across the Peninsula, from Galicia (where it rains from the early hours) to the southeast, will cloud the skies and leave rains and snowfalls, which in many places will coincide with the time when the Three Kings parades will take place.

With the advance of the hours, today Wednesday, the rainfall will spread from north to south and from west to east in the Peninsula, reaching the southeast at night and during the early morning. The snow levels will go down to 500-600 meters in the Cantabrian Mountains and Pyrenees, 800 to 1,000 m through the North Plateau, central zone and Iberian System zone, and 900-1200 m in the rest. Locally, cold air crashes may occur, and it may snow at lower elevations.

There are clearings in the center of the peninsula, particularly in Madrid, but a small area of ​​low pressure will cross the peninsula diagonally, leaving rain and snowfall.

It may snow during the parade in some capitals of Castilla y León such as Ávila, Segovia or Soria, without being discarded in the others, as well as in the southern and southeast Meseta. The most important snowfalls will occur in the mountain areas of the north and center of the peninsula.

On Three Kings Day (January 6) the skies will clear over much of the Peninsula in the morning, but the atmosphere will be quite cold, producing generalized frosts in the peninsular mountains, both plateaus and other moors of the interior. Daytime temperatures will drop sharply in the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean area.


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