January 18, 2022 11:28 pm

Schedule and where to see the Lottery of the Child 2022 draw



Coinciding with the arrival of their Majesties from the East to our country, one of the most important raffles organized by State Lotteries and Gambling: the Extraordinary Draw of the Children’s Lottery.

Thus, this January 6, the Children’s Lottery will return to share luck in this particular event that takes place at 12.00 hours in the Draw Room of the State Lottery and Betting Society of the State of Madrid. This time there will be at stake 700 million euros in prizes.

The Children’s Lottery will last much shorter than that of the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw last December 22: we will only have to be aware of a few shorts 30 minutes. And, the system used on this occasion is different and a system of multiple drums will be used, that is, there are six drums: one for each number of the tenth and another for the amount of the prize.

Where to see the Lottery of the Child

In ABC you can follow minute by minute of the draw. In addition, you can use our tenths checker, with which you can find out quickly and easily if your tenth has a prize and how much money you can take home.

If you prefer to watch the draw on your television, at 12.00 hours will begin broadcasting in direct on 1 of TVE.

Remember that you can buy tickets up to hours before the draw starts. If you don’t have yours yet, what are you waiting for? With the ABC tenths finder you can find that combination that makes you dream like a child dreams of gifts from the Three Kings.

Main awards

In the Children’s Lottery there are three main awards:

  • First prize: Awarded to a single number and endowed with 200,000 euros the tenth.
  • Second prize: Corresponding to a single number and awarded with 75,000 euros the tenth.
  • Third prize: Each lucky tenth with the third prize of the Lotería del Niño, also only given to a combination of five figures, is endowed with 25,000 euros.

There are also many other prizes, because in total they will be given 37,920 awards.

See them


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