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Santiago del Moro and his love story with the woman who has accompanied him since his adolescence

He is one of the most successful drivers of recent times and six years ago he won the first morning on radio with The Moro club, on La 100, and on television lead MasterChef Celebrity, the most watched program of the last two years. But nevertheless, Santiago del Moro He is very jealous of his private life and is very clear about things: “I do not agree with anything I sell. My life is totally basic, standard and without ups and downs ”, he usually responds when someone tries to inquire about his privacy. Low profile, he enjoys his work in the media and likes to talk about his career and his beginnings in Much Music, in 1998, almost fresh from his native Tres Algarrobos, a town in the northwest of the province of Buenos Aires, almost 500 km from CABA, and just over three thousand inhabitants. Of course, when asked a more intimate question, he politely changes the subject.

However, it is known that del Moro and his wife, Maria Jose Sanchez, are from Tres Algarrobos and that she is the woman who has accompanied him unconditionally since they were teenagers, and is the mother of his daughters, Catalina (10) and Amanda (6), and with whom he waits for his third daughter, which will be born in late summer. “She is a very dreamy baby, very sought after. I try to be the best dad that I can And I love this about changing diapers and being around. I am happy with another girl, it is a field in which I move very well and I know how to approach it and how to handle it ”, she assured recently. And she added that she still doesn’t know what they are going to call her: “I think the sisters will choose the name this time, it seems to me that there is a war at home with that.”

María José is his lifelong companion, his ground wire, his support, his containment in the labor maelstrom and also his harshest critic: “He is the most honest person I know and his gaze is more than important to me because it is not easy for him to say ‘how cute’ or ‘how good’. She is strict and hard to persuade, which is why I know that whatever she tells me will always be genuine. (…) His gaze and opinions are fundamental for me and for the decisions I make “.

Del Moro is clear that the differences also unite them: “It seduces me that it has nothing to do with the environment. My wife never cared about fame and that helped me a lot ”. And he always gives an example of the day that Jaime Stiuso aired in Intractable: “It was a quilombo, the most wanted spy had been on the air in our program and when I got home, María He was waiting for me with the baby’s newsletter in hand for me to sign. I asked him if he was aware of what had just happened and his answer was: ‘Signá’. It’s his way of telling me what’s important. He does not usually watch television, or read the news that involves me. Has clear priorities and together we form a team that always thinks about the future of the family”.

Another example that shows the priorities and the union of the couple happened in July 2015, prior to the presidential elections when some candidates were on the floor of Intractable And in the middle of the chaos, Del Moro’s daughters called him to tell him that their mother was sick and they were alone. Without hesitation, De Moro left the program in the middle of the live and went to help her.

Santiago del Moro and his wife

When the driver talks about his wife, his eyes shine: “María is my partner, my lover, my teenage girlfriend. In my house I have the support and the love that I need and sometimes I think that is the secret ”. They met as children because they were neighbors in Tres Algarrobos, she lived around the corner from his house. Children’s games mutated into love during adolescence. And when he came to Buenos Aires to try his luck, after finishing high school, she followed him. Although they promised themselves eternal love, they did not marry in church or go through the civil registry. “It is a question very mine – Del Moro justifies himself -, I do not believe in marriage and I never saw myself in that photo. Maybe it’s related to the fact that I don’t like being ‘the one at the party’, the center of attention. On the other hand, I would not rule it out and I know it would be super romantic when proposing it. Possibly, sometime we decide to go through the civil to put a signature and I think we would return home to celebrate with the most intimate. The roles do not define anything. The important thing is to love each other and be well ”, assures the successful driver. Today they live in the Belgrano neighborhood, in a house that María recycled to her liking and is the family refuge.

They are not perfect, of course, and they must have passed some storms, like all couples, but they knew how to get ahead and the media never found out. “I am very jealous of my time. I put my life together as a puzzle and I know that each thing I do more, I rest on another and I arrive with an empty tank. The air demands a lot of energy from you, “he says and then gives a little more information:” Wherever I need to be, I am. Everything flows very organically, naturally and with Maria we take turns. I really like to take care of the kitchen, I am good at it. There are moments when the girls get unbearable, like all the boys, but nothing that cannot be controlled ”.


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