January 24, 2022 1:21 pm

Round or square basins, a geometric splash

Design sought to integrate the pool into the landscape, recreating an “eye” of water within the missionary jungle.

Is a very shocking focal point from the house, because it is elevated one and a half meters, and from this unevenness the visuals are directed towards it.

Infallible plants to protect you from the gaze of the neighbors

A semicircle of pruned buxus reinforces the shape and hides the cabinet with the maintenance machinery.

The pool is made of cement with an unpainted fine plaster finish. A) Yes, the dark gray tone multiplies the surrounding foliage.

Project (pool and landscaping): Martita Pestaña de Otero, landscaper.

Square, integrated into the environment

The pool It was designed in a square format to gain more surface for use in the garden, because the lot is short.

To achieve a focal point against the rear fence and thus counteract the size of the lot, they designed a wall with a waterfall into the pool, which also adds sound and freshness.

For the internal cladding, the same one that covers the entire house was used, to mimic it and take away its prominence.

Outdoor showers: good ideas to add them to your home

A wall was designed with a waterfall towards the pool

The low wall is used as a playful element, from where the children jump into the water

The second access step to the pool was lengthened to be used as a bench

Landscape and pool project: Estudio Barzi-Casares

Architecture project: Ricardo Pereyra Iraola


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