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Rating: without Ángel de Brito in front, did Flor Peña increase her numbers?

MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe) was the most watched program of the day with an average of 15.9 points and a maximum of 17.6 points, also achieving the highest ignition of the day by reaching 59.8% of the share. The numbers of the reality show hosted by Santiago del Moro they went up, after some days with a downward trend.

In general, this Tuesday all the bands experienced a rise in their numbers. In addition, the programs that are led by replacement figures, since regular drivers are on vacation, their averages were not affected. On the other hand, and this shows the general rise, only entered the first ten positions of the most viewed, cycles with 9 or more average points, when Monday Cut by Lozano with 6.8 it was ranked 10th.

In the morning there is a particular phenomenon from the exit of the air from BLUE (the thirteenth), occurred last Friday. Yes OK The Fox, the series that replaces the program that Ángel de Brito did has been achieving good averages [similares a los LAM], Team flower (Telefe), his direct competition, considerably increased his numbers since he did not face the show of eltrece shows.

This Tuesday, the cycle led by Florence Peña scored an average of 5.6 points and touched a maximum of 6.8 points, very good figures for the strip that starts after 11.30. Before, the channel bets on the repetition of the successful episodes of the sitcom Married with kids, starring Peña and Guillermo Francella, who yesterday scored 3 points on average, behind the 4.4 points of Us in the morning (eltrece).

In the thirteenth, the most seen was The 8 steps of the million with a very good average of 11.2 points, one tenth above the The preview of Around the World (Telefe). The series of games hosted and produced by Guido Kaczka was the second most watched program of the day. In turn, fiction The 1-5 / 18 (eltrece) stood at 9.7 points.

Marley, accompanied by his son Mirko, visits attractive tourist sites in Around the worldInstagram: @marley_ok

Also in thirteen, some cycles increased their numbers considerably, such is the case of Match Game which reached 5.1 points; Home Sweet Home! that climbed to 3.8 points and Welcome aboard which scored 5 points. On the same channel, other formats that experienced a rise were 100 Argentines say, now led by La Chepi, who averaged 6 points. Although, none of the programs of the afternoon of eltrece managed to surpass Telefe, all the bands showed rising numbers and good performance.

Match Game, with the conduction of Soy Rada, raised its average in the afternoon of eltrece
Match Game, with the conduction of Soy Rada, raised its average in the afternoon of eltreceSANTIAGO HAFFORD

The most viewed newscast of the day was Telefe News (Telefe), with an average of 10 points. At that time, Telenoche (thirteen), who also raised their numbers, scored 8 points. In both cases, led by journalists who replace the regular drivers. Germán Paoloski measures very well with The people’s newscast (Telefe), a space that yesterday closed at an average of 9 points, exceeding 5.8 points of Newscast Thirteen (eltrece).

Cut by Lozano (Telefe) does not abandon his leadership and yesterday he scored an average of 7.4 points and reached a ceiling of very good 8 points, with the presence of actor Leonardo Sbaraglia.

In elnueve, the most seen was Blessed, driven by Edith Hermida because Beto Casella is on vacation. The strong cycle of prime time of the Chanel he measured 4 points on average and hit a very good peak of 5.5 points. In this channel, Telenove at noon made 2.6 points, Super super touched 2.4 points and Moria is Moria averaged 1.3.

In America, he led comfortable Intruders with an average of 2.7 points and a peak of 3.6 points. In addition, the second issue of Mandá Play made 1.2 points. In the Public TV found his best number with Argentine cooks, cycle that averaged 1 point, while in Net TV fiction did the same The pilot with 0.8 tenths.

Undoubtedly, Damián Betular was modifying his personality until he became one of the most histrionic figures of MasterChef Celebrity. In plan to attract attention, the jury was encouraged to “fight” with Tigresa Acuña.

Marley and Lizy Tagliani continue to tour Spain. In yesterday’s broadcast of Around the world, visited Seville and they reviewed some salient points in the history of Miguel de Cervantes occurred in that place of notable historical and cultural importance.

In 100 Argentines say, La Chepi had a spicy chat with one of the participants, who told him, encouraged by her, some intimacies of his intimate life. The personality of the driver is aligned with the imprint that Darío Barassi gave to the cycle.

In its late night show, Moria Casán received her partner Pato Galmarini. In the middle of the talk, both recalled an anecdote that was a real embarrassment for the boyfriend, a politician with a long public career. Moria is Moria it is based on a first part called “Resumory”, where the driver gives an account of some nice news that happened during the day, and on a second section dedicated to interviewing a well-known figure.

America news (America) averaged 1.4 points. Yesterday, the journalist Rolando Graña dedicated a section of the newscast to reviewing the latest numbers related to Covid infections in the country.

1. MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe) 15.9 rating points

2. The 8 steps of the million (thirteen) 11.2 points

3. The preview of Around the World (Telefe) 11.1 points

4. Hercai (Telefe) 10.9 points

5. Zuleyha (Telefe) 10.5 points

6. Sweet ambition (Telefe) 10.3 points

7. Telefe News (Telefe) 10 points

8. The 1-5 / 18 (thirteen) 9.7 points

9. Around the world (Telefe) 9.4 points

10. The people’s newscast (Telefe) 9 points

Data provided by Kantar Ibope Media.


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