January 21, 2022 6:09 pm

Putin’s tale

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation He has just ordered the closure of an independent human rights defender organization in his country, recognized worldwide. It is about nothing less than Memorial, an entity that not only denounced – and denounces – the multiple and horrible crimes committed during the Soviet era, but also keeps a careful record of the innocent victims killed by the various Soviet tyrannical governments.

Created in 1989, Memorial is the most respected NGO in Russia, Inside and outside of the country. Its first president was the influential Andrei Shakharov, the most listened to Russian dissident. Their presence is a valuable institutional instrument for the indispensable “fight against oblivion” of what was, in reality, the prolonged and diabolical Soviet hell. Precisely, it resonates as the voice of the conscience of Russia, for which the government of Vladimir Putin try to silence her.

By deciding to close it untimely, he maliciously accused it of “staining the glorious past of the USSR”, an awkward and ambiguous phrase at the same time, with which somehow the hundreds of thousands of inhuman murders accumulated in the long and regrettable era seem to be retroactively approved. of the terrible communist criminal authoritarianism.

The commented ruling occurs simultaneously with the ratification of the sentence to Yuri Dimitriev, the brave discoverer of the mass graves in which Stalin he hid his rivals and opponents, after assassinating them.

It is evident that The Russian Federation now tries, at the hands of Putin, mendaciously to hide, with a “story” as crude as it is fallacious, the enormous human tragedy that struck the Russian people. It is enough to remember the violent despotism of the era of the inhuman Soviet empire that today it is tried to be tinged with triumphalism; comparable to what happened in times of Nazism in Germany.

The Russian government also blocked the site of OVD-Info, which registered victims of political persecution and provided them with legal assistance.

Hiding historical truths continues to be a long-held vocation among those who, abusing their power, only aspire to curtail freedoms and violate citizen rights. Accessing the truth of the past and understanding it will continue to be the best reassurance to avoid dark episodes that tend to repeat themselves.


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