January 18, 2022 10:42 pm

Polyamory? Sabrina Rojas and Tucu López talked about their relationship with Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna

The interview got spicy even before it started. While Sabrina rojas and your partner, Luis “el Tucu” López the microphones were accommodated, Adrián Pallares pointed out the excellent relationship of the couple with Luciano Castro placeholder image, her ex, and his brand new girlfriend Flor Vigna. Then he echoed the views of the street to point out that what is striking is the good vibes of the four, who many believe that they are too modern and that, perhaps, they are practicing polyamory.

“No! It would be fun, but no ”, Rojas said. “We are uniamor”, added López, and said with certainty: “If we decide to go for swingerism, we come here and announce it”. “And we invited them,” she added. This is how the couple’s talk with the conductors and panelists of Intruders, by America TV.

After the cut, the couple, who debuted on Sunday on the screen of America TV with Paired, was provided to the round trip with the drivers of Intruders and, always very affectionate to each other, they talked about everything: the beginnings of the relationship, the work, the relationship with Castro and Vigna and the new projects.

“Guys. How long have you been in a relationship? ”Was the first thing Rodrigo Lussich wanted to know. “Nine years,” he shot, very serious. “No, but it seems,” said the journalist, adding that they were so “hot”At the beginning that time seems more. At that time, Pallares recalled that in Intruders They followed the minute by minute of the beginning of the relationship and stressed that they are seen as if they were a couple of many years. “We have been there for five months,” said López, this time seriously. At that moment they realized that today they celebrate a new month of love. And kissed.

About López’s participation in the play SexLussich went to the bone and asked Rojas: “Did you care to see him rub against so many people?” “It’s that I come from seeing a lot of people rubbing shoulders with people,” replied the actress in clear allusion to her ex, soap opera heartthrob. “The eye is now totally used to it. Nothing happens”, acknowledged, and explained that she “also rubs” in the work Nudes, where he shares the bill with Brenda Gandini, Esteban Lamothe, Mercedes Scápola, Luciano Cáceres and Gonzalo Heredia.

Then came the moment of the inescapable topic that has been calling them lately in the media: how the relationship and the good vibes with Castro and Vigna came about. Pallares asked them if they envisioned an ensemble so soon, and they both answered no. “Not at all, neither ensemble, nor in love, nor as a couple or anything. I had zero faith in our relationship. I said ‘here I have fun for a while and that’s it’ “Rojas was sincere, and agreed with Paula Varela who blamed him for that. “It is that he himself has a very bad reputation,” clarified the actress.

After clarifying that they are not living together, but they do spend a lot of time together, Lussich wanted to know if everything is okay at those times. After Rojas made a clear gesture of resignation, Lussich invited her to do catharsis. “He has a serious, serious, but serious problem with order.” “He lived alone,” Lussich said. “No, just which 15 ″ teenager, the actress pointed out, adding that He does not know if he could live like this, with someone who comes to his house and leaves everything thrown away. “I have only been 15 years, so I do not have the logistics of order,” López tried to defend himself. “You need female help,” said Virginia Gallardo. “But it won’t be me, my love”Rojas finished off.

After acknowledging that everything is going very fast and that both her friends and Castro’s friends also sometimes comment that the situation seems strange to them, Sabrina explained that the important thing is that they have everything very clear. Later, they explained that both their relationship and the good vibes with Castro came naturally. “It is something that in reality I already lived with Lu and his son’s mother, Luciano generates that”, revealed Rojas.

“I think it also happens because the bond of love ended. If there is someone who is hooked or resentful, there is no way no matter how much you want to do it ”, added later. In addition, she explained that between her and her ex there is a genuine family love and that two people joined -in allusion to López and Vigna- who understand them, who have a healthy head and who want to add. To close, he revealed: “I come from being in Mar del Plata under the same roof with Flor and Lu. I really like her and he, who knows him, is re-hooked ”. And to make it clear that it does not bother him to see his ex like this, he finished: “We separate to be happy.”

Rojas and Flores start this Sunday from 20 to 21 in Paired, a magazine from America in which they will share the screen with Sebastián Pollastro, journalist Juan Etchegoyen, Deborah D´Amato and May Martorelli.


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