January 18, 2022 10:40 pm

Outrage in the networks for the “abusive” rent of an apartment that has an unusual detail

The excessive increases in rental prices is an evil that is not only suffered in Buenos Aires. In different big cities of the world, the increases in the values ​​of both sales and contracts is an issue that worries the different governments. There is an offer for all tastes: from 13-square-meter flats that are offered at more than 300,000 euros, to a 26-square-meter windowless home for 220,000 euros

Without going any further, a video that a user uploaded to the social network TikTok caused outrage and had thousands of comments for being considered “abusive”. It is an apartment in New York that rents for more than US $ 2000 per month, which has an unusual feature: the shower is in the living room, instead of in the bathroom.

This particularity generated the reaction of millions of users surprised by the high value of a property that does not even have a full bathroom space.

Although at first glance, the house seems large, well lit, with a decent kitchen and large closets to store all kinds of things, the shower with a glass door and a metal rod on the wall for hanging towels in the middle of the living room makes no customer take an interest in it.

They ask for US $ 2000 for the rent of an apartment in New York with a shower in the living room

“When you pay US $ 2200 and you have to shower in the living room”wrote Claudia Degteva, the real estate agent who has shared the images of the New York apartment on her TikTok account @claudia_nycagen.

The images have quickly gone viral, accumulating millions of reproductions and users are asking the same question: “Is there a logical explanation for this? I mean, do those who built this save money in any way? “

The offer has outraged thousands of users of social networks who do not understand how it can be that a house like this is rented for US $ 2,200 per month, an amount that not everyone can afford and that puts the abusive prices of real estate in big cities.


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