January 25, 2022 4:41 pm

New DNI for pets: the keys to the new regulations




The pets They have since this Wednesday in Spain a different legal status from that of material goods – which is why they are considered “living beings endowed with sensitivity” and I don’t eat things– and they are considered family members. This means that the proposed Law that modifies at the same time the Civil Code, the Mortgage Law and the Civil Procedure Law in relation to the legal regime of animals comes into force. In addition, among the changes and novelties that this new standard brings are the obligatory to document pets, from now on dogs and cats will have a ID that will identify them.

Will it be mandatory for all pets to have ID?

The document will be mandatory and necessary for the identification of companion animals, dogs or cats. In this way, it will be easier to punish and fine the person responsible in case of animal abandonment.

What information should the new document include?

Different data about the animal should be recorded, such as the vaccination schedule The veterinary treatments to which it has been subjected, becoming a complementary tool to the microchip.

How can it be requested?

The management of the document will fall in the hands of the autonomous communities, as they consider from the Directorate General for Animal Rights. Of course, there will also be a national database to facilitate exchange between regions. Regarding whether this DNI will be physical or digital, although the authorities have not clarified it, it is most likely that they will opt for the second option and also incorporate a QR code for the State Security Forces and Bodies to consult the entire history of the pet.

Will it be a physical or digital document?

Another of the most discussed doubts is whether the animal ID will be physical or digital. What is clear is that the data of the dog or cat must be recorded, such as the name, veterinary history and the owner’s contact information, in order to be able to contact the person in charge if necessary. Although it is likely that the DNI format is electronic and mandatory for all pets and that it incorporates a QR code so that the State Security Forces and Bodies to access the entire history of the animal.

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