January 24, 2022 1:49 pm

NBA rhythm: the departure of Gabriel Deck from Oklahoma City, under the expert analysis of Álvaro Martín and Carlos Morales

The news of the NBA is in THE NATION, with Álvaro Martín and coach Carlos Morales, prominent Spanish-speaking analysts of the best basketball league in the world. Both journalists develop weekly Ritmo NBA, a streaming session in which they comment and report on the topics of the spectacular tournament that involves several Argentine players.

On this occasion, Martín and Morales will talk about the dismissal of Oklahoma City Thunder a Gabriel Deck and what are the chances of Santiago to continue in the NBA. They will also refer to the best team so far this season, Golden State Warriors, a the best players in the clutch (the final part of the even games, decisive) and to the basketball players who have unsecured contracts.

Álvaro Martín, who for more than 25 years was the voice of the NBA on ESPN, is one of the most respected speakers in the world of basketball and American football. Together with Carlos Morales, remembered for his excellent work as coach of the Puerto Rico national team (champion of the pre-Olympic Neuquén 1995), he has formed a high-ranking couple for a long time and both transmit their extensive knowledge in THE NATION.

Its weekly columns are broadcast live every Tuesday night in Lanacion.com and at any time through the Ritmo NBA link. In addition, the work of both in the transmission of the matches can be followed on the League Pass platforms.

In last week’s segment, Martín and Morales referred to the unexpectedly low-key Los Angeles Lakers campaign, with several troubling numbers. The team led by LeBron James does not find regularity and until this Tuesday night it is ranked eighth in the Western Conference with 19 wins and 19 losses.

In another section, they told with details and anecdotes the history of Madison Square Garden, the emblematic stadium in the middle of Manhattan, home of the New York Knicks.


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