January 24, 2022 2:47 pm

Marcelo Tinelli showed his new look and in the networks they criticized him for a peculiar detail

New year, new look. Marcelo tinelli He started 2022 exhibiting a notable change in his appearance on social networks. More precisely, in his haircut. The driver showed his new appearance with a photo in the foreground on his Instagram account and also uploaded to his stories the process by which the change occurred.

Tinelli, who spends the first days of the year in Punta del Este with part of his family, took some time in the middle of his summer relaxation to renew his appearance. Happy with the result, on Tuesday uploaded a photo to his Instagram account which he simply titled: “New look 2022”, with the addition of a red heart emoji.

Marcelo Tinelli exhibited his new look on his Instagram account, where he received more than 125,000 likesInstagram / @marcelotinelli

In the photo you can see the owner of LaFlia with her hair over the forehead pointing upwards and slightly tinted a blonde or light brown shade. On the sides of the head, meanwhile, decided to keep the natural tonality.

The posting of Tinelli, made from his home in La Boyita, in Uruguay, received in a few hours 125,000 likes and in the comments there were more congratulated than disapproved, although there were no shortage of users who compared his court with that of the media lawyer Fernando Burlando.

Marcelo Tinelli showed on social networks the process that culminated in his change of look
Marcelo Tinelli showed on social networks the process that culminated in his change of lookInstagram / @marcelotinelli

“I know that being a public person you have to always renew your image, but the day that men understand that lAs gray hair makes them much more attractive they will stop ruining. I say it with the greatest of respect ”, expressed a follower. The woman was not the only one who criticized Tinelli for the color she chose to cover her white hair.

In his Instagram stories, meanwhile, the driver uploaded part of the process in which the hairdresser got to work. “The 1 of Uruguay, by far”, expressed the host to flatter the stylist.

In another post he could see in profile the type of cut that the hairdresser outlined on the driver’s hair. Among other things, it is possible to observe the double color of the hair: ruddy on top and gray on the temples and nape.

Marcelo TInelli changed his haircut and exhibited it on social networks
Marcelo TInelli changed his haircut and exhibited it on social networksInstagram / @marcelotinelli

Although he enjoys his vacations in Uruguay, Tinelli seems to miss the contact with his followers and that is why he is very active on the networks. After showing the look, he shared a video where he appears getting into the pool of his mansion Esteña with his dog Bruni. The driver and his pet took a “lap” to the pool to escape the oppressive heat.

Tinelli traveled to the neighboring country with Guillermina Valdé, Lorenzo, Helena -daughter of the model- and her cousin, Luciano “El Tirri”, but with the passing of the days more members of the driver’s family joined the retinue.

Usually, the couple deals their summer days to spend their vacations both in Uruguay as in Argentina, punctually in Necochea, her hometown, located on the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires. It remains to be seen if the new look will accompany Tinelli back to Argentina.


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