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Latest news for today Wednesday, January 5



If you want to be up to date with all Today’s news updates, ABC makes available to readers a summary with the best headlines of the Wednesday, January 5 that you cannot miss, like these:

The judge orders the arrest of the doctor who operated on the deceased woman after a liposculpture, according to the defense

The head of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Cartagena has issued an arrest warrant against the doctor who operated on the 39-year-old woman who died this Saturday after undergoing liposculpture in the port city on December 2, as confirmed to Europa Press the defense lawyer, Ignacio Martínez.

Garzón says in ‘The Guardian’ that Spain exports poor quality meat from abused animals

The Minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzon, attacks the Spanish livestock sector again, but this time at an international level. In an interview
published on December 26
by the English medium ‘The Guardian’, has criticized the sustainability and quality of the product of large farms.

Hipra’s Spanish coronavirus vaccine protects against Ómicron

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, It has advanced this Tuesday that the Covid-19 vaccine that the Hipra company is developing presents “very good results and very good resistance” against the Omicron variant of the virus, although it has clarified that these are preliminary results.

The sinister story of the twin brothers Bogdanoff

In a rationalist France, the brothers Igor y Grichka Bogdanoff (72 years old), recently deceased victims of Covid, embodied the celebrity of ‘scientific dissemination’, the dissemination of ‘scientific theories’ about UFOs and aliens, to culminate in several processes, haunted by scams, scams of hundreds of thousands of euros and abuse of psychologically fragile people, and a physical transformation that turned their faces into scary masks and they used to propose ‘entertainment programs’.

Sánchez insists on hiding his trips in Falcon as “especially sensitive matter”

The Government of PSOE and United We Can continues to hide basic details about the famous travels of Pedro Sánchez in official planes and helicopters to attend acts of his party, as he continued to do, and increasingly, during the year that has just ended. And he does so with the same excuse as always: refusing outright because, according to this Government, these trips are “especially sensitive matter.”

Lambán leads a revolt in the PSOE against Minister Garzón: “It is an insult to intelligence”

The Aragonese president and regional leader of the PSOE, Javier Lambán, has inaugurated a revolt within the PSOE against the Minister of Consumer Affairs, the communist Alberto Garzón, who enjoys the portfolios of United We Can in the Coalition Executive chaired by the Socialist Pedro Sanchez. Garzón has attacked the Spanish meat industry in an interview published by the British newspaper The Guardian. In it, the minister accuses the sector of exporting poor quality meat and abused animals.

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