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Latest international news for today Wednesday, January 5



Here, the headlines of the day where, in addition, you can find out all the news and the latest news today on ABC. Everything that has happened this Wednesday, January 5 in the world and in Spain:

Deadly settling of scores between guerrillas in Colombia

Colombia begins the year with new crossroads that will mark both the country’s political future and the solutions to the security and human rights crisis that it cannot overcome, to which are added the economic and social difficulties derived from the pandemic, and the profound mistrust in the institutionality.

The legitimate Venezuelan Assembly ratifies one more year the mandate of Guaidó

The internal debate held by the legitimate National Assembly (AN) on the powers of the opposition leader Juan Guaidó to continue at the head of the interim government and Parliament, until Nicolás Maduro leaves

of power, has generated strong friction in the Venezuelan opposition. On Monday, the NA delegate commission approved the reform of the Transitional Statute that will allow the opposition leader to continue in both positions for another year or until new presidential elections are called.

The two sons of Trump refuse to come to testify in a fraud case

The New York State Attorney GeneralLetitia James, who last month summoned former US President Donald Trump as part of a civil investigation into his business practices, is now seeking to question two of her children as part of the same investigation.

North Korea launches an unidentified projectile into the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan

The North Korean Army fired on Wednesday a unidentified projectile off the shores of the Sea of ​​Japan, as the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff has warned.

Lithuania closes Taiwan representative office after China’s anger

The Lithuanian President, Nauseated gypsy women, said Tuesday that it was “a mistake” to allow Taiwan, the island considered by China as a rebel province, opened a representative office in Vilnius using that name. The Taiwanese representative office opened in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, in November, in an initiative whipped by China.

Borrell travels to Ukraine to claim the role of the EU in managing the crisis with Russia

The High European Representative, Josep Borrell, began yesterday an official visit of three days to Ukraine, his first trip abroad this year, to express on the one hand the “strong support” for the territorial integrity of this country, in the face of threats from Russia, but also to make it clear that Europeans also have a say in the discussions that they directly undertake American President Joe Biden and Russian Vladimir Putin, on a new security architecture in the area.

Carmen de Carlos: Leaders

Difficult situations are where the wood from which a leader is built is appreciated. In delicate settings, of any scope, it is where, due to the reaction, the catatura of these men and women in positions of power is uncovered. In America that begins in Mexico and ends in Punta Arenas (birthplace of Gabriel Boric), leaderships of all colors and effects emerge, shipwreck or endure.

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