January 21, 2022 5:10 pm

Las Grutas: the water almost covered the vehicles parked on the beach due to the high tide

The high tides are the protagonists in the spas on the Argentine coast, both in Mar del Plata and in The Grottoes, in Río Negro. Yesterday at noon, in the Piedras Coloradas area, it was possible to see how several vehicles were covered by the water and everything indicates that the same will happen today, so there is a alert for vacationers to take precautions.

The strong winds thus caused the sea to rise in that area of ​​the Atlantic coast, more precisely in Las Grutas and Punta Perdices where several robbed were also surrounded by water, according to reported today the newspaper of Black river.

The high tide registers extraordinary heights in Las Grutas (Courtesy Lo Principal)Video capture

In Punta Perdices, 65 km from Las Grutas by route 3, and in Piedras Coloradas (5 km south of Las Grutas), yesterday the sea had arrived at 13:09, at 8.89 meters. While today at 1.25 it reached 9.24 meters and after noon, at 1:58 p.m., it will reach 8.98 meters. These are extraordinary heights, which at that point in the gulf it rises and falls twice a day.

On the other hand, the local media recommended tourists not to park on the beach, something that is also prohibited, and check the tide schedule to avoid accidents or bad times.

Big beach, one of the most emblematic coastal areas of Mar del Plata and of the few that really live up to its name in that coastal city, between yesterday afternoon and today morning saw its margn, almost entirely, reached by sea.

Located near the Golf Club and the Los Troncos neighborhood, Playa Grande has a line of tents that until this morning was only a few meters from the sea.

According to him tidal record of that cityThis Wednesday the day began “with a tidal coefficient (difference in height between the consecutive high and low tides of a place) of 85, a high value and therefore the amplitude of the tide and the currents will also be high.”

The maximum coefficient is 120. However, it is already evident that the sea is going down, since “at noon the value of the tidal coefficient drops to 81 to end the day with a coefficient of 77”.


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