January 25, 2022 5:14 pm

Javier Milei revealed when he will draw his first salary as a deputy and told how to do to participate

As promised throughout the 2021 election campaign, the national deputy of La Libertad Advances, Javier Milei, will draw his first salary as a legislator. This was confirmed last night in LN+, where he revealed the date in which the draw will take place and counted how to do to participate.

When asked if he would comply with the commitment to give away his allowances after having obtained a seat in the National Congress, the economist nodded without hesitation: “I give you a scoop. Tomorrow (for this Wednesday) I will be giving the guidelines so that people can sign up on a page to do the giveaway, and I will do the draw on January 12. I have not yet checked whether they deposited it or not, but I imagine they will do so these days. ” And he insisted: “All my allowances are going to be donated.”

Next, the libertarian detailed the terms to participate in the contest: “Only those who are over 18 and natural persons can do it”, he clarified.

“During the day I will upload the flyer with the link that will ask for a name, ID and email address. When you upload your data, the system assigns you a number, “Milei told LN.

The deputy clarified that given the closeness to the economy class that will be held in Mar del Plata, he has decided that the raffle should take place prior to entering the class.

And he continued: “The draw will be done live, with a notary public and we will broadcast it through our networks. For the purposes of the resolution, it will be done through any of the random number generation programs that exist on the internet, and once one is obtained (which will see the entire procedure), the system is searched for who corresponds to the number and he announces it to him ”.

From this gesture, Milei he boasted of differentiating himself from the political “caste” and explained the reason behind the decision to draw his salary instead of using it, for example, to benefit an entity that needs the money.

“In real life I am a minarchist, but philosophically I am an anarcho-capitalist. If I donated the diet I would be doing charity with other people’s money, something that goes against my philosophical postulate. I couldn’t do it like this and for that reason the most equanimous way is to avoid it “, he pointed.

The donation of her salary is not the only campaign promise that Milei is determined to uphold. “I will never raise taxes or create a tax, before I cut my arm”, he assured repeatedly when he was still aspiring to occupy a place in the Chamber of Deputies.

In line with his commitment and in a new approach with the hard wing of Together for Change (JxC), the Economist days ago he added his signature to two projects presented by the opposition space that have as objective ease the tax burden.

One of the initiatives, presented by the referent of Patricia Bullrich, Gerardo Milman, repeals the articles of the Customs Code that empower the Executive Power to establish export duties, also known as retentions, to grain exports. The other, meanwhile, establishes a reduction of three points, from 18 to 21%, of the VAT rate, one of the taxes that all social classes pay equally with the purchase of the goods that make up the basic basket.


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