January 20, 2022 4:46 pm

Jair Bolsonaro was discharged after two days in the hospital

BRASILIA.- The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonarotoday announced that received the discharge after two days of hospitalization due to a intestinal obstruction which had as one more complication than the stab of which he was a victim in 2018, during the electoral campaign.

“Sign up now, thank you all”, the president posted this Wednesday morning on his Twitter account. To the text, Bolsonaro added a photograph in which he appears with his thumb up -as a sign that he is well-, together with the doctors of the Nova Star Hospital of São Paulo. “I can do everything in Him who strengthens me”, added the far-right president, who has a strong core of followers in religious sectors.

On Monday morning, 66-year-old Bolsonaro was admitted to the emergency room with abdominal pain to the medical center, from a beach in the state of Santa Catarina, where he was on vacation. Although the hospital did not immediately report the discharge of the president, yesterday they had confirmed from there that the intestinal obstruction had reversed and that he responded well to the liquid diet that had been prescribed.

There he was treated by the surgeon Antonio Luiz Macedo, the same professional who operated on him several times since 2018, when he was a candidate and was stabbed during a campaign event in the state of Minas Gerais.

At first, the possibility of intervening him surgically again this time was even considered, something that was later ruled out, given the favorable evolution of the Brazilian president. After being admitted, Bolsonaro published a first photo from the clinic, in which he was seen with a nasal probe. That was when he said that they were undergoing tests for a “possible surgery.” But after examining him and with an improvement in his condition, his doctor ruled out the need for surgery.

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