January 24, 2022 1:51 pm

It’s official: Telefe confirmed the incorporation of Jey Mammon for its 2022 programming

Telefe announced that Jey Mammon will be part of its 2022 programming through a promotional video. The recording lasts one minute and reviews the different programs that the channel will have during this year.

The multiple titles include Argentine and foreign fictions, game shows, newscasts, and talk shows.

In this last category enters the cycle of Jey that will form part of the grid and will finally make the move from America to Telefe.

Among the announced programs, stand out MasterChef Celebrity, The Argentine Voice and the Susana Giménez cycle, which has no definite debut date yet.

From his beginning, the mammon program managed to establish itself as one of the strongest content in America and night after night he garnered good audience numbers for the channel. In his farewell, The Mammons it maintained an average rating of 2.3 points and reached a peak of 3 points.

Telefe confirmed the arrival of Jey Mammón (Photo: File)

Although the results were positive, they were a little below the usual due to the Christmas season and the proximity to the Holidays, which lowered the audience of all the stations.

The confirmation comes amid reports on the future of the driver. Although the possibility of it happening to Telefe had been mentioned for a long time, they were only rumors and there was no official confirmation so far.

He contributed to the doubts about his future work the surprising response that Jey Mammon gave at the table of Mirtha Legrand and Juana Viale, when he participated as a guest with Ricardo Darín, Diego Torres and Darío Barassi.

When the driver asked him what his future was and if he planned to continue in America, Jey avoided giving a specific answer about his projects on television. However, he did mention that he will return to the theater and announced that he will release an album of duets in which important figures of local music participated.

Jey Mammón arrives on TelefeYoutube Telefe

Despite all the speculation, the certainty came that it will continue on television and will be part of the Telefe grid.

Anyway, details of what kind of program it will head have not yet been circulated. One of the possibilities that were handled was to make a cycle similar to Carpool Karaoke, where the driver interviews and sings with the guests aboard a car. This would allow to maintain the artistic talent that Jey used during his late night show.


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