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Inheritance tax, the internet in jail, the world upside down

Among the many questions about the inheritance tax, I remember two practices that determined its elimination: its negligible collection in relation to its complex and expensive collection (when it was eliminated in 2017 in the bad experience of Entre Ríos, it only generated 0.09%), affecting the “collection economy”. And it complicates the successions extraordinarily, with more work of lawyers. In truth, it is a tax that affects the middle and lower sectors (often forced to sell inherited assets to pay the tax), while large estates resort to complex planning to compensate and simplify it.

Horacio M. Lynch

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One billion pesos to improve the internet in prisons? Who are the prisoners? The only prisoners are the boys who do not have access to the internet in their schools or at home. Prisoners of the terrible political and populist decisions of the last 20 years! Prisoners for not being able to study or connect with the world today. The rest are convicted criminals who cannot be given elements to continue committing crimes. In which country does the Government live?

Hernán Martínez

DAYS 13.513.297

The world upside down. Those who sponsor a mobster like Pata Medina describe an exemplary attorney like Dr. Conte Grand as a criminal. Justice will come sooner or later to the real criminals and their accomplices.

Jorge R. Enriquez

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While politics negotiated vaccines for Covid, it ruled out, who knows why, laboratories that already had it. While they made us the verse that the first to be vaccinated were going to be people at risk, they were vaccinated. And Fernando was dying. Is it politics? What if. Until now no one gave a clear explanation of why all this shame. No party talks about that anymore. They want it to pass without pain or glory. But for all of us who died of someone as dear as Fernando, it is difficult to understand. Very difficult because my children and I keep remembering the day he was intubated and every day that we went to see him in intensive care, listening to the disastrous medical parts that we did not want to hear. Nothing happened here, it seems … A prosecutor rejected the complaint … a judge finally accepted it, but like everything in this country it will become part of a story that no one will want to remember

Only us, only the families that are left without the person so dear to us.

That is not talked about. It’s politics …

Carmen Garzón Maceda

DAYS 13,735,648

I have been visiting direct relatives in the Andean Region for more than 10 years. Frequent forest fires occur in this area, either natural (lightning), accidental (stoves, burns, falling power poles) or intentional (political motivations, vandalism, liberation of land for real estate ventures). By the end of the year there were several active fire sources in the region and the brigades fought with strenuous effort, but with few adequate means, to control them. The action of hydrant planes is insufficient and late. On December 29, the two crew members of the only hydrant helicopter that was fighting a fire in Aluminé-Neuquén died. We know that winds abound in Patagonia, that is why there are several projects for the generation of wind energy. But here comes the unusual: the same day in Lago Puelo and its surroundings, the electricity was cut off at 10 o’clock and it was reconnected at midnight, when the “strong” wind of 26 km / h ceased. The reason alleged by the authorities is the possible fall of power poles due to the wind, with the consequent danger of forest fires. Candidly, the government, through Civil Defense, advises the population to keep cell phones charged, verify that private generators work and have enough fuel, and so on.

Wouldn’t it be more convenient and efficient to place suitable utility poles and efficiently maintain the electrical network, knowing that moderate winds (not strong as alleged) of up to 30 km / h are a constant? Without energy, the population is also without running water, without internet and cell phones are almost without signal. In the case of the last serious fire, at the beginning of 2021, with loss of property and lives, the affected residents still do not have the restoration of the electricity network or drinking water, in addition to the subsidies promised by the national and provincial government They did not arrive as advertised. Luckily the new year started with rains and much of the fire was extinguished naturally.

While Patagonia burns, the Government squanders billions to maintain Aerolineas Argentinas, instead of equipping itself with hydrant planes and adequate elements to prevent and fight forest fires.

Enrique Schwarck

DAYS 7,599,950

Nicolás Artusi dedicates his first column of the year to analyzing episodes and characters from The Simpson from the point of view of philosophy. A similar analysis could be done from the point of view of science. Since its premiere in 1989, The Simpsons have cited, parodied or alluded to such complex scientific issues as Fermat’s last theorem, the laws of thermodynamics, Einstein’s twin paradox or the Coriolis effect. So present is science in the more than 700 episodes of the series that one would think they were written by scientists. And you wouldn’t be wrong: many of those responsible for The Simpsons have college degrees in physics, mathematics, computing and engineering.

Due to its scientific content, physicist Stephen Hawking, a frequent “guest” on the program, referred to The Simpsons as “one of the smartest shows on television.”

Claudio H. Sánchez

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One billion pesos are allocated to improve internet access in prisonsceles

“The priorities of a government of scientists” – Patricia guevara

“Not even schools, universities and training institutes are concerned. They are a shame! “-Andrea Diaz

“What country Argentina” – Cesar Gaston

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