January 22, 2022 6:54 pm

Inés Arrimadas, on the labor reform: “We will do what we have to do out of responsibility”




Citizens (Cs) still does not have a defined position with respect to the labour reform of government from PSOE Y United we can, waiting for the Coalition Executive to make a move. As ABC has already reported, the door of the liberals is ajar to negotiate their support for the royal decree law approved at the end of last year in the Council of Ministers. “We will do what we have to do out of responsibility,” he replied. Ines Arrimadas, this Wednesday, in statements to RNE.

The labor reform agreed by the Ministry of Labor from the vice president Yolanda Diaz, the unions and the patronal is far from the ‘leitmotiv’ of United We Can in the electoral campaign, which went through a “complete repeal” of the rule approved by the absolute majority of the PP in 2012 with the favorable vote of CiU.

Although in Cs they would advocate for more profound changes, such as the introduction of the austrian backpack, granting more incentives to the recruitment or improvement of training for the jobThey also emphasize that the decree of the current Government could be “much worse.”

Arrimadas has moved in this balance in the radio interview, in which he has said that, whenever the Executive contacts his party, Cs would be in favor of introducing “improvements.” But then, and in line with what she says is transmitted to her autonomous, Business Y SMEs, has recognized that they are “afraid” that the labor reform will worsen in the course of parliamentary negotiation due to the demands of the members of the Pedro Sanchez.

An “auction” in Congress

The leader of Cs has asserted that if the labor reform is processed as a bill, something essential also for those “improvements” of which Arrimadas speaks, the Congress it would become an “auction” with the parties nationalists. As your spokesperson, Edmundo balLast week, Arrimadas is also pessimistic about the outcome of the labor reform: “What I see is that Sánchez, as always, is going to give in to his nationalist partners and this is going to end up worse than what has entered Congress ».

But Cs’s option is there, and the fact that the employer’s association has participated in the agreement with Díaz makes things much easier for him: «Obviously it is not a reform that we would do, but if the Government calls us, we will propose what is our model and we will do what we have to do for responsibility.

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