January 24, 2022 1:26 pm

Ignacio Copani was vaccinated with Pfizer: “Without traveling to the United States and for free”

Months away from composing a song in which he made fun of the “gorillas” who asked for the pfizer vaccine against Covid, the singer Ignacio Copani received a dose of the American drug as a booster this Monday. He himself was the one who communicated the news on social networks, where he showed his vaccination card and boasted of not having to travel abroad to apply the immunizer.

“And one day … And without going to the US and for free …”wrote the author of “Bring the Pfizer” on Twitter along with two photos. The first shows him in a vaccination center after having received the reinforcement. The second puts the accent on the card where the doses he received are located: Sputnik V, Moderna and, finally, “la Pfizer”.

The artist was vaccinated with the American drug months after publishing a subject in which he qualified Gorillas to those who asked that Argentina reach an agreement with that United States company in full shortage of vaccines and “Parrots” to the media that analyzed the actions of the Alberto Fernández government regarding the pandemic and the negotiations to access more vaccines.

Gorillas ask me to write the same song every day,

with the music that I decide and with the lyrics of his obsession.

Bring the Faiser, I want the Faiser. Give me the Faiser, put me the Faiser.

Then I ask him. Who made the national anthem?

Don Vicente López and Faiser.

In Madrid who won the final? The glorious River Faiser.

If you like, I bring you a list with the achievements of our management.

Hundreds of hugs thousands of laughs millions of old people in retirement.

Mothers, grandmothers, children, brothers who with memory, justice and truth

They made human rights an example worldwide.

And what does he tell me about putting up with the monetary thief fund?

Open ministries that had closed and have vaccinated half the population.

That tells me? Bring the Faiser, I want the Faiser. Put me the Faiser, fill me with Faiser.

Calm down a bit and allow me to insist on having a conversation.

Far from hatred with light in sight that illuminates his great heart.

If you like, we chat about artists, great song idols.

I admire Sandro as a vocalist and Silvio from the composition.

What instrument have you conquered? Violas, cellos or bandoneon?

What is the band, who is the soloist or the subject of your preference?

Bring the Faiser, I want the Faiser, put the Faiser on me.

Tell me something more cultural.

What a good actress Michelle Faiser is. What a good singer Tina Faiser is.

Tell me an exceptional couple.

John Lennon y Paul McFaiser.

Bring the Faiser, I want the Faiser. Give me the Faiser, put me the Faiser.

Here they have what they asked me, I couldn’t do much better.

Long live the chorus of gorillas and parrots on TV.

Bring the Faiser, I want the Faiser. Give me the Faiser, put me the Faiser.


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