January 20, 2022 5:42 pm

“I don’t bank it anymore”: they reveal that the relationship between Wanda Nara’s eldest son and Mauro Icardi was broken

A few months from the scandalous separation and subsequent reconciliation between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, new versions of the tense weather that these days they would live in the family home. This was revealed by the journalist Juan Etchegoyen in Mitre Live (Radio Miter), where he assured that the relationship between the PSG striker and the children that the businesswoman had with Maxi López Hang on a wire.

The information comes from a report by the journalist of the magazine Paparazzi, Lucia Elbusto, on the bond that the children of Nara and López have with Icardi, according to Etchegoyen clarified. In that sense, he warned that Valentino (12) and the footballer would not be on the best terms, since in the photographs the child is seen somewhat “distant” from his mother’s current partner.

“In the stories (from Instagram) Icardi is seen kissing his daughters, apparently having a good relationship with Wanda’s children, but Valentino is seen to be somewhat distant, “the Miter journalist added. According to his words, although it is not known how the “Wandagate” would have affected the minors – given that during that time they remained sheltered with López in Paris -, they would be aware of the infidelity scandal starring Icardi and Eugenia “la China” Suárez.

The family would live moments of tension due to the relationship between the children of Wanda Nara and Maxi López with Mauro IcardiInstagram

The children in common that Maxi and Wanda have no longer want to know absolutely anything with Mauro”Explained the journalist and clarified that, although he does not have any confirmation or concrete evidence, there would be news about it very soon. “Everything that happened, Icardi’s infidelity, caused that relationship that was good to turn into the opposite,” he added.

On the other hand, Etchegoyen asserted that the eldest of the brothers would have launched a blunt phrase about her stepfather to whom before I had affection. “I don’t bank it anymore”, Would have been the declaration of Valentino to his mother in the last days. “Everything comes to boys because of the immediacy of social networks. What they tell me is that the boys they felt the worst betrayal to their mother and to them too after what happened”He added.

“I will not bank it anymore”: the alleged phrase of one of Wanda Nara’s children towards Mauro Icardi

In addition, he indicated that the young people live connected to Instagram and felt, in some way, identified with their mother, who last October made reference to “a bitch” who would have gotten in the way of their marriage. “At this time, Valentino is the most affected in this story as this confidential source tells me. Constantine and Benedict take the matter more calmlyMaybe it’s because they are smaller and Valentino understands a little more about what this story is about. That’s why it’s wrong and what happened feels like a betrayal of your own“, specific.

They assure that Valentino López remains "distant" with Mauro Icardi
They assure that Valentino López remains “distant” with Mauro Icardi

Finally, Etchegoyen added that the relationship between Wanda and Icardi would have been broken before the note with Susana Giménez, so this could have deepened over time. “They are decisive hours, it’s a matter of time the separation. There is no way back. Beyond what can be seen in the note, “he synthesized.


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