January 18, 2022 10:14 pm

How to Make the Most Viral Tik Tok Bun in 1 Minute



The chignon with loose hair, also know as ‘half-up bun’, has become the fashionable hairstyle. Doing so takes just over a minute, but there are a few little tricks to keep in mind to make it look perfect and flattering. East hairstyle has been monopolizing hairdressing trends for months on social networks, especially on Tik Tok and on Instagram reels, both for its speed and for its versatility and ease when carrying it out, but the most viral bun of the season It is not always perfect and that is where the key to its success lies.

A quick and flattering updo
A quick and flattering updo – Pinterest

Although it looks like an improvised and carefree hairstyle, far from it, this bun takes a process and needs some advice to take into account that will undoubtedly make a difference.

“Is so versatile it works for all hair typesFrom bobs to XXL hair, the only thing that will change is the density of the bun. Nor does it matter if you have straight or curly hair or the color of your hair, although we confess that we have a weakness with fantasy colors along with the ‘half-up bun’ ”, explain the experts at Salón Secret.

Ready in 2 minutes

Either for long, short, curly, wavy or straight hairThis collection will not take more than one or two minutes to do once the technique has been learned; and a clear example of this are the thousands of videos that flood social networks showing with simplicity and lightness the infinite ways to collect hair in this way resulting in various types of bows with half the hair on the ground. Success will undoubtedly be in practice.

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If the result is not to your liking and the “Badly done bun” It doesn’t look as good as expected, trying a small change will make a difference. When doing this type of hairstyles, the hair tends to be gathered in the direction of the crown, without taking into account the direction of hair growth. Varying this direction slightly, placing the bow even at the back of the head, will result in a completely different bow.

The step by step of the ‘half-up bun’

An updo suitable for almost any type of hair
An updo suitable for almost any type of hair – Pinterest

A previously prepared mane with natural waves will make the result even better. Once the hair is ready, different sections of the temple area are collected taking them back (at the height that we consider most flattering) to join them with a rubber band and give them the necessary adjustment depending on how tight the collected is wanted, resulting in a small ponytail . Later, with a scrunchie with hooks we will make el’half-up bun’ with the hairs in the ponytail, not having to be perfect. We can even tap with our fingers to open it up and make it even more casual. Fix the result with a quality mist type lacquer it will make it even more durable.

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