January 18, 2022 9:49 pm

Hospitalized and with serious financial problems, Camila Perissé tried to kill herself

Hospitalized and with serious financial problems, Camila Perisse he is going through one of the worst moments of his life. Desperate, her husband Julio “Chino” Fernández asked the media for help and confessed that the actress does not want to live anymore and tried to take her own life.

“In addition to her cognitive problem, Camila Perissé has financial problems. He charges a minimum retirement of 22 thousand pesos. He began to show signs of exhaustion and fatigue. You do not want to continue living. There was a concrete attempt to take his own life, “said Carlos Monti in Us in the morning.

Her husband, “Chino” Fernández, corroborated the statements and told how the situation is today. “Camila has been seeing a homeopathic doctor for four months. Thanks to that, his status began to change. He began to recognize himself, to recognize me and we began to have small dialogues. It has recovered a lot, but there is a part that does not recover more and at times it remains hung”, He commented in telephone communication with the cycle of eltrece.

After clarifying that they are going through a very bad economic situation, Perissé’s husband clarified that he will have to interrupt the treatment. “I cannot continue with the treatment because that does not cover it, PAMI, so I already owe the doctor who comes from Buenos Aires to treat her more the remedies,” he confessed while highlighting that thanks to that treatment his wife began to eat again by mouth for three weeks.

To all this situation is added the fact that Fernández cannot enter to see his wife, since he is not vaccinated against Covid. “I see it through a glass because I can’t get close. She tells me that she can’t take it anymore, that she wants to die, that it’s not fair that I’m suffering from this and she’s like this because she doesn’t know if she’s going to go out one day. My job is to take care of her, to contain her and that is what I am going to do until the last minute of my life.”, He expressed anguished.

Desperate and not knowing what else to do, Fernández decided to once again turn to the media for help. “Nobody helped me, the only ones who approached me and helped me at one point were SAGAI, nobody from the Argentine Society of Actors. Then Camila sees all that and tells me: ‘I’m going to find a way to get my life out, I’m sorry for you, but you can’t go on like this,’ “said the person who decided to put on a play (Teachers), creation of Perissé, as a source of work but that due to the pandemic was left without theater to exhibit it. “I put on the play, I’m in debt, but the theater where I was going to be was closed due to covid. I’m on the street with a staged play and without theater, “he concluded.

Perissé was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2018 and was prescribed a strong medication that caused cognitive damage; from then on he had several hospitalizations. When they thought that the damage was irreversible, the actress began to improve. “The recovery will be long but I will have it with me. It is not covered by PAMI and it will have to be privately, with kinesiology and all that, but the important thing is that the cognitive part is slowed down, and it has not regressed. He’s better, not quite the way one would like, but he’s better, ”Fernández told THE NATION, in October.


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