January 21, 2022 5:30 pm

Horror in Madrid: “I have been locked up in an apartment for three days where they have been sexually assaulting me”

A 16-year-old girl managed to escape from an apartment in Madrid, Spain, where they sold drugs. The teenager was kidnapped for three days by drug traffickers who, in addition to forcing her to sell illegal substances, they forced her into prostitution with the clients.

“I have been locked up in an apartment for three days where they have sexually assaulted me”said the girl when she was able to leave the place where she was captured, in the Usera district, one of the most critical centers of child prostitution in Spain.

The minor was kidnapped by men, mostly Dominicans, to have sex in exchange for money with men of legal age. According to local media, the sanitary conditions of the house were deplorable.

Faced with the carelessness of his kidnappers, the girl managed to escape from the apartment and go out on the street. Already on the public highway, he asked for help and, finally, the police were notified.

In her statements to the authorities, the minor indicated that she was forced to use drugs and that drugs were sold in the house where she was kidnapped. As he described, the clients, in addition to buying drugs, paid an extra amount of money to sleep with her.

Police officers found her in very poor condition: had remains of his own urine and feces. She was terrified and couldn’t provide many specifics about what happened, she just remembered some details inside the place where she was kidnapped.

Thanks to a sketch that the officers asked the girl from the department, they finally managed to find the place. On November 30, 2021, the operation was carried out, by which they arrested 37 people. However, they still could not be charged with a criminal organization.

A hairdresser is also being investigated for alleged cases of prostitution. It would be the D’Caty room, located in Puente de Vallecas, near the center of Madrid. As it turned out, in the basement of the place they would prostitute women.

“I wanted to rent that place for my business, it was before the pandemic. But when I saw the condition of the basement, I decided to change my mind “said a local trader.

Another element that set off the alarms was that, for a few months, this men’s barber shop had started buying women’s products. “The owner had always bought me dark dyes, for men. But for months he asked me for the aluminum foil that is used to make highlights and bleach for hair “said a supplier to the hairdresser.

The barbershop was sealed twice since it opened in September 2019. According to neighbors, the police inspected the place several times a week. On one occasion, they found a pool table and even karaoke for their clients.

The owner of this hairdresser slept on several occasions inside his premises. In addition, several parties would have taken place inside the barbershop.


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