January 22, 2022 5:24 pm

He found the ex-guitarist of Los Abuelos de la Nada Gustavo Bazterrica in a street situation and rescued him

Gustavo Bazterrica, historical guitarist of Los Abuelos de la Nada e icon of Argentine rock, He faces a difficult situation that has worsened over the months. Last week, the musician and composer, who also knew how to integrate The Bird Making Machine Y The Spinetta Band, it was rescued by a fanatic from the streets. “I helped him to bathe, I fed him, I bought him medicine and here we are”, the young man related.

“I do not know where to start. I came across this man a few days ago at an ATM, It came in a remise and at the touch I realized that I had motor problems. He could hardly even get out of the car, I helped him and gave him my place in line at the cashier. He was barely walking and while I was helping him to support himself, we started to chat ”, the young fan began to explain from his Facebook account.

And, he continued: “I told him I saw a familiar face and He told me it was nothing more and nothing less than Gustavo Bazterrica. Eternal guitarist of Los Abuelos de la Nada ”.

The young man, who introduces himself from his social network as Emiliano Bustos, said that days after the meeting he had with the musician, Bazterrica uploaded from his own Facebook account a request for help, since it indicated that he had no where to live.

On several occasions the rock star had spoken of the difficulties he went through throughout his life for his drug addiction.

“I need help. Goodnight. Due to irreconcilable differences with my former partner, I am up to date, homeless. I need a place of transit until my pension papers come out. Please, I need help ”, the musician had declared on December 28. And then two days later he added: “Due to my street situation, my phone has been stolen, I am incommunicado.”

According to Bustos, he was one of “the thousands who commented” on the musician’s post with the intention of helping him. “I was one more who joined that request and I don’t know why among so many last night I received a message from you renewing your request for help. So I made myself available to him and brought him to my house”, Clarified Bustos.

I helped him bathe, fed him, bought him medicine and here we are. At home chatting about life, giving him company and assisting him. More than talking, listening, learning, delighting me with their infinite stories… ”, he added.

And in that sense he argued: “We will all get to such an age someday and I don’t wish anyone to get like that, or I hope we all have someone to trust. I am very afraid, yes. Afraid. I never brought someone to live at home and less to an older person and with their limitations. But I played it, I cheered up ”.

Throughout his post, Bustos stressed that his actions had nothing to do with the vast career of the former composer and musician. “I did not do it because it is the Basque Bazterrica. Because when I helped him, he didn’t even know who he was. I did it because one day we are all going to be 66 and life takes its toll on all of us. I don’t take it as a hassle or a burden. But as an apprenticeship, and a favor to this man and to life ”, he stressed.

“Because sooner or later everything returns, everything comes and we all live the same as the other “, concluded the young man.


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