January 20, 2022 5:49 pm

Google searches. Which properties were the most sought after in CABA during 2021

The web is one of the main sources that buyers turn to when looking for options in the real estate market. On the Internet, there are many real estate portals and private advertisements of direct owner that offer their properties and it is in the searches where it is reflected what people are looking for.

According to statistics from the Google search engine, the most wanted properties for the people were the grounds. This type of property was once again the star: they represented the 33% of the queries. This third of searches was for land located in the City of Buenos Aires as well as elsewhere. When contemplating the total land offered and when buying it with the demand reflected in Google searches, there are 87% of people who seek to acquire the limited 13% that is on offer at the moment.

A word cloud according to Google searches shows the land was the most searched typology in 2021To reverse

The PHs accounted for 19% of online inquiries. Horizontal properties are generally in demand by those who aspire to live in a house and do not yet have that budget but are refusing to move into an apartment. What’s more, one of their most outstanding points that made them more interesting in a pandemic is that they have internal patios or outdoor terraces.

Third, the houses complete the podium of online investigations with a 14% of searches. The trend of moving to the green led many city dwellers to contemplate a move to the suburbs to spacious properties with gardens and outdoor space. The clientele that inquires about this type of property exceeds the true offer of the same, since according to Google Trends, 11% of houses offered in the market are overwhelmed by 89% of the demand.

Finally, the departments were subject to only 6% of searches throughout 2021. However, this percentage does not include the multiple searches that were more specific by area, to which users added -for example- the town of Flores, Caballito, Villa Urquiza, Belgrano Villa Crespo, Devoto, Núñez, Puerto Madero, Barracas, Recoleta, Retiro, Saavedra, Colegiales, Boedo, San Cristóbal, Monserrat, Mataderos, Villa Luro and Parque Patricios. Beyond geographic criteria, people also searched according to number of environments, being the studios the most googleed. In addition, apartments are the type of property most offered among all the existing typologies, although it is the third least requested of all after garages and premises.

Beyond the top four most consulted properties, there were also searches for offices, premises and garages for sale.


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