January 22, 2022 6:33 pm

Crime in La Pampa: they order to expand psychiatric and psychological expert reports for those accused of killing Lucio Dupuy

The Control judge during the fair, Néstor Daniel Ralli, ordered that Lucio Dupuy’s mother, the 5-year-old boy beaten to death at the end of last November in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, and Abigail Páez, his partner, are subjected to new psychological and psychiatric expert reports to determine, among other issues, whether there was a history of family violence both between the accused and in the relationship of the two young women or of each of them with the victim.

This is how the magistrate decided to accept a request from the plaintiff lawyer, Jose Mario Aguerrido. Judge Ralli ordered that the procedure be carried out on the 4th of next month in the San Luis prison where both women are housed.

In a two-page resolution, which was accepted by the Télam news agency, Judge Ralli accepted all the points of the extension of the requested expert opinions, which include, among other issues, the analysis of the personal history of Magdalena Espósito Valenti, the mother of Lucio, 24, and her partner, Abigail Páez, 27.

The experts will also look for references regarding the possible existence of feelings of hatred and rejection of motherhood in the accused, violence as a way of linking, the relationship of each of them with the male figure, what Lucio meant in their lives , how was the routine of the three, what bothered or annoyed them about the child’s behavior, the characteristics of the bond between them as a couple and with the baby, and if elements arise that refer to rejection or hatred on the part of them towards the male sex.

According to Télam, in the ruling the judge ruled that the studies be carried out by four official experts: psychiatrists Martín Telleriarte and Camilo Muñoz, and graduates in Psychology Laura Cabot and Virginia Carretero.

The professionals will go to Penitentiary Complex 1 in San Luis, where the two defendants are being held.

Lucio Dupuy’s toysInfohuella

Meanwhile, in La Pampa, Lucio’s paternal grandmother, Silvia Gómez, managed to recover the child’s toys, that had been thrown into the street, along with furniture and other objects, by Abigail Páez’s mother when she proceeded to empty the apartment where her daughter lived with Espósito Valenti and the boy.

The entrance to the department had been prohibited by the prosecutor Cecilia Martini at the beginning of the case. When the ban was lifted, Erica Frydlender entered and selected the belongings that interested her, while she left empty bottles, mattresses, clothes, and Lucio’s toys on the street. Some neighbors notified Gomez of the situation. “We were able to recover things from my grandson, although some things were taken, but I understand and we are comforted that some children can play with Lucio’s toys”, the woman said on Facebook.

Lucio was beaten to death on November 26, and his mother and the woman’s partner were arrested for the act.

After his death, it was determined that the child had been assisted at least five times in a period of three months for multiple injuries in different health centers in La Pampa, although there were no complaints from any professional in this regard, nor from the authorities of the garden of infants attended.

For this reason, an administrative investigation was initiated at the government level to establish the responsibilities of officials in the omission of complaints that could have prevented this outcome.


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