January 18, 2022 9:49 pm

Córdoba has its first hotel closed in quarantine converted: 82 apartments for students and tourists

CORDOBA.- With an investment of around US $ 1 million one of the hotels in the city of Córdoba that closed due to the pandemic and quarantines it was converted into a building with 82 apartments with common spaces. The coliving Vilaut is an undertaking of a group of partners led by Matías Peñaloza, while Lucas Groendijk, Head of Oxala Travel Group, leads the area of smart flats, spaces for rentals for shorter periods, from one day.

The former Ducal hotel, born in 1994, closed – like all establishments – during the first quarantine and, as the terms lengthened, its owners began to analyze a conversion. “We had to think about what to do and we bought time while we couldn’t work; We already saw that the trend in accommodation was changing and the coronavirus precipitated us, ”says Peñaloza to LA NACION. The result was a mixed-use complex that combines private housing units with flexible shared spaces.

The building is in the downtown area of ​​Cordoba, on Corrientes street, and the renovation included an artistic intervention of its 25-meter-high façade with work from the local artist, tech. The mural has a total area of ​​1000 square meters. The building is architecture reminiscent of Art-nouveau mixed with the Brutalism of the ’70s.

The seven floors of the hotel, which had 82 rooms – “spacious, like those that are no longer built except in the high-category ones”, points out Peñaloza – are now 82 apartments of between 25 square meters (the majority) and 50 square meters. The 3,000 square meters include between 13 and 15 housing units (there are seven different typologies) per floor, a gym, a common laundry, work area and pool on the terrace.

The spaces have an average of 25 square meters; there are seven different types.

Thirty of the departments will make up the smart flat. “They are destined to travelers, either for tourism or work. The lodging modality changed; other experiences are sought. They are designed including the latest technology and security ”, adds Groendijk.

Those responsible for the undertaking agree that the proposal is in line with the new spatial configurations that “they combine housing, work and study”Especially in big cities. They are “new spaces for living and shared work, mixed-use buildings, flexible locations or temporary facilities where people interact, share,” describes Peñaloza.

The Proposal targets, in annual rentals, college students. The rooms have all the furniture: “The idea is that they arrive directly to settle; the space includes a storage so they can have more comfort, “says Peñaloza and insists that this segment of young people prioritize and enjoy life” in a group; they feel comfortable ”.

The monthly value will be around, in the beginning, $ 20,000 plus expenses, which are not defined. It is a competitive amount with respect to the rents of a studio apartment in the Cordovan neighborhoods chosen by the university students.

Groendijk points out that the smart flats They are a “new concept” in tourism. They are accommodation flats with all the comforts of the hotel industry, but with the technology applied to improve the stay of the guests.

“The ways of traveling and working changed completely with the impact of Covid 19. Today it most valued by users are contactless channels that provide a service in a safe, efficient and effective way through the self-management of reservations, payments, check-in and check-out and smart locks with a single code as an entry key, 7×24 guest assistance ”, he summarizes.


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