January 25, 2022 5:45 pm

Contagions and the number of tourists explode, but the Province for now does not analyze restrictions

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicolas Kreplak, gives a press conference this morning from the Atlantic coast, in which he updates the data on the coronavirus pandemic in the province of Buenos Aires. In the first days of the summer season – which the Government anticipates will be a “record” – and amid the sharp rise in reported cases, He warned that in this third wave the increase in the infection curve was much greater than that reported in the previous one. But nevertheless, for the time being ruled out the application of new restrictions.

“The rise that we see in this third wave has achieved that in seven weeks we will have a 2,100% increase in cases, when in the second wave we had a 400% rise in eight weeks, “said Axel Kicillof’s government official, adding: “The speed is tremendously superior.”

With a contagion peak registered yesterday both in Argentina and in the province of Buenos Aires -where there were 29,485 cases-, Kreplak named two influential factors in this escalation of infections: one “Very important circulation” of the omicron variant, with greater transmissibility, which “justifies the speed of contagion”; and, at the same time, the movement of tourists, in “one of the most important summers recorded in the history of the country.” Regarding the first point, the Minister of Health maintained that this new variation it will replace delta “in a very few days.”

However, he remarked the decoupling between cases and hospitalizations, when this last parameter is the one that is evaluated at this stage of the pandemic to define the steps to follow. “We have almost 30,000 cases, but 367 hospitalized”, contrasted. He also said that there was no “significant increase” in hospitalizations on the Atlantic coast and pointed out that the main demand both in the hospitalization areas and in the guards, is for causes not related to Covid-19.

Because of that, he anticipated: “As long as the level of hospitalizations does not grow, there will be no restrictions. And we are not seeing an increase in hospitalizations ”. Therefore, he remarked that still “There is no measure in the folder”; But he did focus on individual responsibility, warning those who came in contact with the virus: “The restrictive measures have to be made by close contacts or those who are positive.”

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